Seems like we all wonder from time to time about how to practically go about voicing our concerns.  It is crucial now more than ever that people realize that we, the American People, are angry about the fact that our politicians are not representing what we believe.  67% of Americans feel that their elected officials do not represent them! 

Now more than ever it is imperative that we let our congressmen and senators know that enough is enough.  Why?  Because in the next few months President Obama is going to try to force HIS agenda down the throats of the American people in his next budget.  Here is what is in the balance:

Nationalized Health Care.  It will not be called nationalized health care but it will lay the very foundation into this socialist agenda. This site can give you a good overview of both sides of the argument.  As a conservative I can simply rest on knowing that the government would be acting outside the boundaries that the Constitution set up for it.  This would lead to more burdensome taxes, bigger government and less freedom.

Education reform.  He will place more emphasis on government involvement even into the college years.  He did not veto the omnibus bill that contained a provision to eliminate a voucher plan in DC.  He, as do most liberals, hates the idea of allowing free choice of how your children are educated.  Public schools are a hot bed of liberal ideology and their main focus is not reading, writing and arithmetic but rather destroying the family, ruining each child’s moral compass, and churning out future liberal voters.

Energy.  Cap and Trade will be a huge tax increase on the rich.  Do you really believe this?  It actually will be a huge tax increase on the middle class that Obama pretends to love so much.  Percentage wise who gets hurt more by 5$ a gallon gas, the person who makes $250,000 a year or someone who makes $50,000 a year?  Liberals hate the middle class because they are not enslaved to the government.  You have to ask yourself if this is the case what is their agenda?  It is to expand their base voters.  These are people who are addicted to government programs. 

Here is some hope for you.  Liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat… does not matter.. all elected officials are concerned about one thing.  Being reelected.  SO… call your congressmen, Senators, even the President. Here you can find your representatives.  Call, email, write.  This IS how you voice your opinion.
Get involved in demonstrations .  On April 15th there will be many types of these demonstrations happening across the country.  GO TO ONE.
Email, write, call your left wing media providers, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, you get the picture.  Do not rant or rave about where you stand, simply let them know that you do not feel they are being balanced.  For each piece of correspondence they receive they treat as the view of 1000 of their consumers.
I have listed 3 things that you can do.  Have you done them?