As Americans, should we be angry about what other people make?  Specifically I am talking about CEOs, sports figures, executives, or anyone in the private sector.  I believe that we have been manipulated by the media to think that people who make large sums of money are in some way evil or immoral.


I want to state that I do not necessarily in favor of companies paying out tens of millions of dollars to one person.  I can tell you that I am totally against the government having ANYTHING to say about how much ANYBODY makes.  You think that it will start and stop with CEO pay but the reality is once you open the flood gates there might be no stopping the government from dictating how much people make.  A free market should be allowed to govern itself as it relates to pay. 


Do not let yourself be manipulated into hating the rich.  This is simply a ploy into allowing government to interfere with our free market model.  The Constitution does not give those who represent us the power to control how much we make.  For those of you who might think to use AIG as an exception I would simply offer that the US government had no right to buy 80% or even 1% ownership into AIG. 


Folks, read what Socialists think about this type of policy.  *Hint* they are really in favor of limiting pay.  If you really want a very good look into what Obama’s strategy is I highly recommend reading this insightful article.  Instead of worrying so much about what other people make we should have ALL of our attention turned towards the unethical, immoral, self-serving politicians in Washington.  We should be filling their mail boxes with mail, jamming their email up with emails, and keeping their phone lines busy.  The message should be simple.  STOP STEALING FROM ME.  STOP SPENDING MONEY that does NOT belong to you.  GET OUT OF MY LIFE as much as you can.