1. Obama plans to make our veterans pay for their own healthcare if they are wounded in battle.  This is not to save money.  How can anyone with a straight face actually say that Obama is trying to be fiscally conservative?  This is about opening the door to nationalized health care.
  2. Congress is threatening to single out a corporation and tax bonuses that they were entitled to according to signed contracts.  Contracts are the fundamental building blocks to a free market system.
  3. Obama and Congress (Republicans and Democrats) are acting outraged by AIG bonuses.  Senator Dodd actually amended stimulus bill so these bonuses would be protected.  Hilariously enough he is acting the most outraged!  They are trying to outrage the public against corporations so people will be open to the idea of nationalizing business.
  4. AIG bailout.  We are angry about 150 million dollars being paid out to executives but fail to be angry about our bailout money going to foreign banks… to the tune of 50 BILLION.  I am glad the CURRENT administration has such good oversight.
  5. The current administration does not see any issues with ACORN taking part in the 2010 Census.  Why would anyone think that there might be a conflict of interest?!