Many are dismissing what will be happening today. LET THEM. Many who will be attending Tea Parties today STILL DO NOT understand the gravity of the situation. For those of you who read this blog prior to attending today I ask that you be BOLD with what I am about to say.

Those of you who do understand that there is a full assault on conservative values must be prepared for the next steps. I will certainly be authoring some material on concrete next steps. You also need to be ready to… OK not ready.. you MUST talk to people around you today about these next steps and the NEED for their involvement. We have been out maneuvered by the liberal left with how they have used the internet and communication strategies. Direct those around you to conservative blogs and meet up groups around your areas. Let them know that a march on Washington DC is coming and that they need to be ready to take action. Let them know starting sometime later this year we will be gearing up to usher out our non-representing representatives. WE CANNOT do this without a massive outpouring of volunteers.

Your job today is to recruit concerned citizens to help us take back our country. Today is not the climax of our movement but simply a humble yet fiery beginning. The fight in front of us is daunting… but we hold to truths that are so self evident that many before us have been willing to give their very lives for these truths.

What will happen in the coming months will take many by surprise. Do not worry about not being taken seriously. Think about those who are involved with groups like ACORN. Those who have put this Tea Party together have more passion, talent, and intelligence than that ship shod operation. Most importantly WE have the TRUTH. Much will be required in the coming months. Come out today and bring many with you. Today we get fueled up for the REAL battle to come.

Congress… Your time is coming



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