feel free.

You know, Jeff, as I write this, I am embarrassed. When Laura and Richard had their first meeting, I made some pretty lame assumptions. I “volunteered” to be responsible to take care of the technical aspects of the rally, including the music and public address system. I was thinking small, no frills, and I silently disagreed with Laura when she “wanted a band” for the rally. “Sure,” I said. “I doubt that 250 people show up” I didn’t want to spend Laura and Richard’s money for something over the top like that.

I got some quotes from my fellow committee members and sent them up the line.

Richard calls me the next day and we talk. It seems that they had already decided to go MUCH further than my paltry vision. They were talking about ten times the expense for AV. Over the top, I said. But… Richard was excited. I hoped he didn’t end up disappointed.

I brought two of my daughters and picked up a like minded friend and came downtown. We discussed the 250 number, hoping for the best. What I saw was absolutely unbelievable. I came early and saw at LEAST a thousand people already assembled. After I finally found parking, i walked a few blocks and discovered that the thousand had grown considerably in just a few minutes. The Wright Brothers Band was playing! How in the world???!

My friend and my daughters had a vantage point just east of the stairs, they could not see the stage, but could watch the people come up and saw many elected officials, Representative Dan Burton, and others. I talked to a LOT of people.

My apologies, and I’m glad my lack of vision didn’t damage anything.

But from NOW ON, I pledge my effort, my honor, my money, and my TIME.

I listened to all of the speakers. I am on board now. I’ve been through the ICaucus training program.

I’m embarrassed, but now I understand. This is bigger than any of us. We will take our country back. It will be a long process, but it will happen

And it starts now.

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