My story

I’ve been in the US 20 years this summer. I came in legally. I have been a citizen for 10 years now. For the citizenship test I memorized the standard answers and then started digging deeper. Through books by D. James Kennedy and others… I came to see how the revisionists have been so busy, and came to understand the real Christian underpinnings of the founders, all the way back to the Mayflower.

At the Indianapolis event, I met two state cops, I think they were reservists, and before the event, chatted with them. They were from Ft. Wayne. I asked their impression of the event and of the participants and crowd. They said everyone was real polite and respectful. (This was all entirely suitable for family viewing).

In the crowd, where I recognized only a few people, we were dead center, in front of the stage, just north of George Washington’s statue. The crowd was great, polite, respectful. Those who I spoke with were polite and there were little kids in the vicinity and it was definitely family friendly. I didn’t hear anyone curse, or go over the top, or even speak harshly of the current administration, other than spending has got to stop and the people deserve to be heard.

I’m primed to go to Washington. When do we leave?

Rob Green

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