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Indianapolis Tea Party

My wife, 15 year old daughter and I were there, on the steps of the Capital, looking out over the massive crowd before us on April 15, 2009. How we got there, sitting on those steps at those moments is a story in itself, but let’s just call it what happens in America when you see and know something is just and good and right and someone has to take up the cause and just do what needs to be done.

You could not be there and not feel the moment deep inside, from your toes to the top of your head. It’s hard to describe a feeling that electrifies you, makes you humble, brings tears to your eyes, pride to your heart, and determination to your core. At that time, those moments, we are Americans only, united, one body, dedicated to the freedom this country was born in and is now seeing destroyed with a speed that is breathtaking.

During this gathering, everyone just knew TRUTH was what was being shared. And the truth came from thousands of voices, alternately speaking, chanting, yelling, and quiet. Signs, handmade, with literally hundreds and hundreds of statements filled the area from the steps to the street in all three directions. There were thousands and thousands of Americans there, from one year olds to the 90’s. You could feel it, we were ONE, we were celebrating this country and our freedom, we were and are determined it will not be lost on our watch. There was no division by age or race or color, we were not a something-American, we were all AMERICANS.

The music was inspiring, the speakers eloquent, but the awe was in the assembly itself. We were ALL there, we were and are united, not by force but by the power of a belief far bigger than any one of us, that the powers of any just government derive from the Almighty and that any government must be of the people, subservient to the people and for the people.

As we left this gathering, we knew it’s only a single step in a long journey, but we also know the journey has begun, will continue and will reach the destination of freedom.

Don W.

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