My name is Steven; I am 25 yrs. old with a family. I rent an apartment, I paid cash for all my cars, and I have never asked the government for anything except for safety in my neighborhood — and really I pay for that along with every other tax paying citizen. The reason I attended the Tea Party Was to let the Government know that I am pissed because I have to bail out the people who irresponsibly took out loans they could not afford, I am paying for the people who gave them the loans to go on expensive vacations and buy them flashy cars. Again I am PISSED OFF and I will not rest until the American people are in control of this government not the other way around. My 20 month old son could run things better than the idiots in Washington. The Tea Party is only the beginning. We need to keep pushing with different issues. We organized this — we can do anything!

My experience at the Tea Party was great — I worked Security and didn’t have any problems. To see all those people gather without incident was truly moving and gave me inspiration to show Washington we are not going to keep quiet any longer.

Steven N

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