My day at the Indy TEA Party started the day before, gathering up medical supplies and equipment. I am a proud and uniformed Defender of Liberty; when I saw that Lori was looking for medical team members, I stepped up as we all have. Every one of us has different skills and talents, that’s why we work so well together. The Muncie 9.12 members traveled down to the TEA Party with Grant County Tea Party members on a bus, looking forward to an amazing event that exceeded all expectations! When we got to Indy around 2:30 PM, folks were already gathering. The medical area was set up and ready, thanks to Lori and the other med team members. We were prepared, so we got acquainted and mingled around. Being right of stage meant that we could not see the stage and speakers, but we could hear very well. We also had a great vantage point for the crowd, the sidewalk, and newcomers. Shortly before the program began, did you all notice the street lined with people holding signs? Did you hear the constant barrage of car horns responding with encouragement? These were sights and sounds I will not forget!

I was thrilled to hear Wes address the crowd. He is an RN and fellow medical team member, a friend, and a staunch defender of Liberty. Ask him about some of his adventures if you have the opportunity. He is the future of our country and we are in good hands! I was also inspired to hear the young woman from Ireland. To borrow a line from Ollie North: “Hers is a story that deserves to be told.” We rarely hear the good things, the uplifting things, the things that strengthen us as the fabric of America. Indy TEA Party was a wonderful exception — thanks Richard and Laura.
Right of stage was colder than…never mind — a little chilly on that cool and cloudy day. There was a cold wind blowing in from the north and straight around the corner of the building. Every time I got chilled to the bone, I stepped away and walked into the crowd. There is strength and warmth in our numbers, folks! I saw wonderful signs, spoke with friendly and concerned citizens, noticed many families of all varieties and ages. We came together as members of a common cause — known by name. We parted as friends and fellow Defenders of Liberty. We will stand together and see this through! The Indy TEA Party was just the beginning.


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