The below story is written by my brother who lives in Falkner MS. He is a teacher in the MS school system. The town of Ripley, MS holds 6,000 souls inside the “city” limits. This fact is important as you look at the number of people who turned out and the story did make it into the local paper. In many ways I suppose he is an average “Joe” but in many more ways he is an exceptional person. Of course I am biased. Each person who is willing to shed their complacency, their latency, their apathy, and rise up and be counted and turn towards Washington DC and with a loud and clear voice make it known that they are MAD AS HELL AND THEY ARE TAKING THEIR COUNTRY BACK is not an average Joe or Jane but rather a patriot who is willing to join a battle that does not have a guaranteed outcome. These are the people who will decide the fate of our country.


The “Tea Party” experience from an average Joe citizen’s perspective.

I guess like a lot of people, I watched Rick Santelli go off on cable news about the government bailouts, especially in regards to the bailouts on foreclosures. The question was, “why should us responsible, law abiding citizens pay for or subsidize irresponsible behavior in the form of bailing out people who couldn’t afford the home in the first place?” He suggested that people form a type of Tea Party to protest. So the events were never designed to protest the narrow issue of taxation, but the larger issue of too much government and its always present interference into our lives. I’m sure the topic and concern of the over taxation of our future generations that will be taxed was also an issue too.

Well, more and more things came down the pike: the future stimuli, the shameful apology for America to the Europeans (maybe for bailing them out in WWI, WWII, and the Cold War/Soviet aggression?), the Fusion Center in MO identifying those who vote for third-party candidates and the more recent DHS report on the “radicalizing of right wing extremists, etc.” (of which, I fall into several of their categories), the appointments of Rahm Emmanuel and others of highly questionable character and ethics (tax cheats, etc.), the mask is off, so to speak! I, as an average Joe, felt the need TO DO SOMETHING!!!

Well, I saw the Tea Parties on Facebook (organizing one), so I signed up. I got absolutely no interest from all those I emailed (except my bro, Jeff, who was already doing another one). I thought the thing would come and go and that I would not be involved. First, I want to say that I got no direction, except for a little template that the AFA website gave; got no support financially (Fox News DID NOT SUPPORT ME!): I was on my own.

Then a guy called from down here (Ripley, MS) and we talked. WE DECIDED that we would change the time to 5:15 PM to more readily accommodate and engage the working class that would probably be there. He would handle calling the paper, news, and city hall for a permit—I would handle getting people there, advertizing, and speaking or getting a speaker—this was all on Tues. April 7th! I called my brother and told him I wasn’t expecting much and honestly thought that it would be 15—20 people with now news coverage (perhaps a blurb in the local paper).

Well, I did get the word out at church and put up a couple of fliers in the local stores with my wife Kathy’s help. I contacted a Constitutional Party agricultural secretary candidate, Les Riley to see if he’d be willing to speak, to which he gave his immediate and gracious consent.

On Wednesday April 15, we had 150—200 people show up (not my estimate, but the media’s that were there, print, TV, and radio!). I gave a speech about “We The People” and how that the Founding Fathers identified themselves that way. I talked about we the people for a bit, quoted some famous Founding Fathers, and introduced Les Riley. Les spoke upon the topic that we have a representative republican democracy. He stated that a pure democracy is three wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner! He then went in to personal responsibility and the key of local political events. He kept referring to a quote when Benjamin Franklin was approached by a citizen after the Constitutional Convention and was asked, “what have you given us, sir?” “A republic, if you can keep it,” was Franklin’s astute reply. Throughout the course of his speech, he would refer to the above Franklin quote. He referenced the importance of Christianity and its principles in the milieu of personal responsibility. He called on us to repent and turn to Christ.

The last speaker, Jimmy Walker (no, not Good Times), said that he had been studying the Bible for 50+ years and the example over and over again that’s apparent is that a people that turn their backs on God, God allows wicked rulers to rule over the people. He also called on us to repent and closed in prayer.

I’m writing this to tell you some things:

a) that it’s average Joe’s and Jane’s that are going to make a difference

b) that there is a groundswell of dissatisfaction going on

c) to continue the momentum (I said in my speech that this is the springboard or impetus for greater things)

d) that Republican or Democrat, we need to vote most of these bums out

e) that Republican or Democrat, we cannot abide the abridgment of speech or the crack-down on other Constitutional rights

f) that anyone can organize something if I could (I never did something like this before: NEVER!)

Let’s march on Washington and take our country back, for ourselves and our posterity!!!!


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