Hello Jeff,

I would like to first of all offer many, many thanks for your and other’s efforts to put on this Tea Party we experienced April 15th.

I would like to say also, that during my long life (69 years), that I have not been a political person. Oh, yes, I served in the military, I have voted my conscious every election so I consider myself a very patriotic person, who loves this country dearly. Yada yada yada . . .

But . . . I also was complacent in the idea that whoever we had in office was interested in the welfare of our country. Most certainly the politicians, leaders, etc., would not do anything to hurt, injure our country in any way. I do not have that complacency any more as I see elected officials who would deny us our rights, tax us to oblivion, ridicule our thoughts and interests and apologize for our country to the world. All that, when we have been one of the most noble countries ever!

I also understand that this country’s “rights” are God given. They are not given by any politician, or for that matter any document, other than what God ordains. We are truly a privileged and blessed country. And that was from the beginning with our forefathers, who I believe wrote a divinely inspired document we call the Constitution. I really believe that if we as a country do not change our ways, we will continue the downward spiral we find ourselves in.

We have politicians who do not listen to us. They refer to us in condescending voice and manner. I have experienced the same treatment as some have, reading about our Senators, Representatives from Indiana who have been sent to Washington, D.C.

All that said, this Tea Party movement has inspired me, and shown me there is a glimmer of hope. I certainly hope this thing continues and doesn’t stop, for if it does, all of this will go for naught. There are so many problems to be tackled, one hardly knows where to begin to solve our country’s situation. Truly daunting to be sure. From the local level would be a good place to start, I suppose. To ask the question, how to eat an elephant? In small bites would be the answer.

Let us continue, let us continue on to what is next. Let us not let this movement die on the vine. I for one, am ready to go to Washington, D.C. to march on those of us with like mind. As has been said, we surround them. There is more of us than there is of them. We need leadership, we need direction. Who will step up?

Bryan R,
Avon, IN

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