Greetings all,
What an awesome experience it was to engage in the American experience and experiment as a part of the Indianapolis Tea Party – I hazard to say that history was made April 15, 2009 and I was thoroughly encouraged by what I observed. From my vantage point, the American fighting spirit is alive and well! It has been said that you beat 50% of the people by just showing up, another 40% by being a person of integrity, having a good work ethic, etc., but the last 10%, well, that is a dog fight because these are the people that love their country as much as anyone else. I will take that sentiment one step further, because on April 15, 2009, I believe I had a chance to be among the 1% ‘ers nationwide – the 1% that, albeit symbolically, fired the shot that initiated the Second American Revolution.
Since the Indianapolis Tea Party, I have been observing the news – I have noticed those in the public eye (like Janeane Garofalo) who are making statements about how the participants at the Tea Parties didn’t know their history (probably because they hadn’t read her revisionist version of it yet) and that this uprising of the people’s voice was because the protesters did not want a black man in the white house. For some, I am sure this is the case. But I think my questions to those who offer such speculation are as follows: How do you account for those who were there who would have loved to have seen an Alan Keys, a Dr. Walter Williams, or even a Dr. Condoleezza Rice in the executive office? How do you account for those who were there who are black, like myself, who raised their arms and waved their flags and showed their signs in protest? How do you account for people of various political persuasions, be they Republicans, Libertarians, Independents or Democrats, showing up to protest what our government is doing to sink this nation? How do you account for the hundreds of thousands of people who are uniting with one voice, on one day to stand up to a government system that is, by any measure, corrupt, dysfunctional, and is in desperate need of repair? How do you account this event happening all across the nation with no reports of violence – with people petitioning their government peaceably, as is their right guaranteed by the Constitution? How do you, in the arrogance and the audacity of your thought process, fault a people for raising their voice in protest to the legislative and executive branches of our government for passing the largest spending bill in the history of the planet without taking the time to first read what was in the bill?
We, the people, have not been well served by our current government and it is long past time for we, the people, to take back what has been taken from us – that being a government for the people, by the people.
Bryant B.
Westfield, Indiana