Like many of the respondents, I have difficulty in expressing my feelings about this rally.

I will start by thanking Laura and Richard and every single person involved in organizing this fantastic rally. Many times my wife and I have found ourselves at home listening to the unbelievable spending and future planned spending being promoted by our politicians and felt that there was nothing we as individuals could do. It was immensely uplifting to see the sea of people on the statehouse lawn and come to the realization that we are not alone and that we can come together and began to regain control of the country we love.
That was the backbone of America that stood and cheered on the state house lawn, many of us for 4 hours or more. These are the people that are expected to support the inane programs and policies being put forth by our non-caring, self-interested politicians. They cater to special interest groups and those expecting the government to be their nanny.

My wife and I and two great friends from north of South Bend stood on the front row at the base of the steps and were so proud to be there. The four of us are children of the turbulent 60’s who never marched or protested against our government….we were too busy getting educations and taking care of our on responsibilities. We are no longer too busy, we are ready to fight for the election decent and caring representatives, to campaign, to knock on doors and to contribute to those NEW congressman, senators at both state and federal levels so that we can return America to the ideals that made her the greatest nation on the planet. The US needs offer no apologies to any foreign dictators for our belief in God and freedom.
It is time to replace self-serving politicians, it is time for the government to remove their hands from our pockets, it is time to stop pandering to special interests groups, it is time to stop re-shaping America to satisfy those who think we should be more like Europe or any other country. WE ARE AMERICA, WE ARE AMERICANS AND WE ARE MAD AS HELL!!!

Tom A.