Healthcare Take Over.. It’s the Ideology Stupid

By: Jeff Petersen

Today many around the nation are rallying together to make their voices heard in opposition to the idea of Uncle Sam taking over the health care industry. I know that many do not like to call it a take over but that is exactly what it is. The liberal left hates the idea of individual choice unless it deals with women killing their unborn babies. The liberal left loves bureaucracy. The liberal left hates freedom. The voices that are rising up today are not those of the liberal left but of working (well some may be out of a job at the moment) Americans who hold to the idea that our Constitution does not support the government taking over any part of the private sector; not the auto industry, and certainly not health care.

From 1200EST-1:00PM EST, grassroots movements around the country will be protesting at government offices across the nation. The Tea Party Patriots are one of these groups. The truth of the matter is that everyone who reads this article (maybe it will only reach 300 people) should make an effort to keep this “reform” from happening. So if you were unable (like I am) to make it to one of the protests, then call the Senators and the Representative that represent you. You can find their contact information by clicking the link contact your representative right here on my blog.

In doing some research I found that the House version of this bill actually has a provision in it that will allow community organizations (read ACORN) to survey you based on your weight, your lifestyle, and your need for health care! My dear readers, this is yet another power grab by a hungry group of statists and progressives who truly believe that Big Brother can run your life better than you can. The liberal left wants to control your healthcare; this same liberal left is in full support of allowing women to kill their unborn babies on demand and is often found on the side of supporting euthanasia. Do you want this type of person making life and DEATH decisions for you? Remember that the socialist/communist mantra is based on the good of the community not the individual. If these are the people who run healthcare you would do well to never get sick and to stay productive (helping the community).

This legislation is also very expensive. I will not address the idea that healthcare is a right in this particular article. The bill that passed the House does not even satisfy the goal of insuring every American. What will happen is we will spend the money of working men and women to the tune of at least 1.5 trillion dollars. 1,500,000,000,000 dollars.  How is spending 1.5 trillion dollars going to save people money?  If taxes must be raised to pay for this behemoth legislation how is that saving people money?  Then there is the fear that 1.5 trillion is actually what it will cost or if the bureaucracy, that is sure to rise out of this system, doesn’t drive the costs higher. That is what happened with Medicare. I am sure history won’t repeat itself.

Another thing to consider is how invasive this new legislation will be. This bill is more about ideology than it is about practicality. It is about taking away choices away from individuals and giving them to a bureaucrat. It will no longer be a question about what your doctor thinks, or even what you think. Uncle Sam will decide if you really need to have that lump looked at. You are fooling yourself if you don’t think an Excel spreadsheet will be used to figure out if you are worthy of healthcare… put age into cell A1, weight into cell C44, taxes paid in last FY in cell AA22, political affiliation in cell R1. Presto.. coverage denied.

Lastly, it is about closing down the private sector. This bill, in tandem with Cap and Trade, is designed to repress small businesses and entrepreneurs. I know it is hard to believe but the liberal left is for BIG business. Why? Because BIG business can be manipulated. This bill is a scam. It is meant to drive private insurance companies out of the private sector. It is simply a lie that the progressives do not want to take full control. Of course they do. Though most people are unaware, there is a big push by the left to cease 401ks and replace them with an upgraded social security program. The liberal left and our political elite feel that you, the working men and women of our country, need to be managed. Our founding fathers would roll over in their graves.

This is a fundamental right we have as citizens of the United States. I am calling on you to fight for our country. My children are depending on you. Call, call, fax, fax, email, write, call your Senators… your representative… Let them know.. That you, the American taxpayer, have had ENOUGH.

The Height of Hypocrisy


Well, the U.S. House of Representatives is at it again.   They just passed a bill to tax the AIG bonuses at 90%…….that’s right 90%!  The U.S. House of Representatives just inserted themselves into the contractual business between AIG and its employees; a place the Federal Government has no place being.


I wish that was the worst of it, but it is not.  Consider this; the bill that was just passed is a VIOLATION of the CONSTITUTION.  You know, the Constitution of the United States of America.  For those who to have forgotten, is the LAW OF THE LAND and it is the job of the Congress to uphold it.  Instead of upholding it, they put it through the shredder today in yet one more piece of “panic legislation” that they rushed through the Congress without consider the ramifications of their actions.  This piece of legislation is a retroactive law passed against a company that made them mad.  This company did not break the law; they made people mad.  Think about that.  Do we really want a precedent in this country where reactive legislation is passed because someone got ANGRY?  What are the ramifications of that?  And what happened to Article I section 9 of the Constitution that states “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed”?  For those who do not know, a Bill of Attainder is a bill or act of legislation that singles out a PARTICULAR group of people for punishment without the BENEFIT OF A TRIAL.  Now, think about THAT for a minute.  Is that a precedent you want in this country?


Let us take a minute and look at how all of this actually began.  Back in the fall, we started this mess with TARP one, then we bailed out the Auto companies, we had TARP two, the Stimulus package, the Omnibus Spending Bill, and suddenly the elected officials realized that the public was TIRED of it.  So now, they need a scapegoat.  In order to take the attention off of those who actually VOTED to spend 3.4 trillion…let me repeat that…TRILLION dollars, they are going to pass a Bill of  Attainder to recoup 165 million.  Let me show you that with the zeros:  3,500,000,000,000 (3.5 trillion) to 165,000,000 (165 million).   The amount of TARP that AIG received was 150 billion.  So, the issue of these bonuses is outrage over the equivalent of one measly dime being pulled out of a pile of money valued at $1,000.  This was a classic CYA (cover your own ass) on the part of the House of Representatives.  Turn the focus away from what THEY voted on, find a scapegoat, pass an unconstitutional piece of legislation, and feign so much “outrage” as to fool the American public once again.  Well, American Public, if your fooled once again, shame on you.


Keep in mind that this is coming from a group of people who IGNORED the public sentiment when it came to the numerous bailouts in the first place.  This is coming from a group of people who chose to vote a pay raise for themselves in the middle of what THEY have called the “worst economic crisis since the Great Depression”.  This comes from a group of people who make on average $174,000 JUST for serving in the Senate or Congress  Maybe these guys should volunteer to work for $1 a year until this mess is cleaned up.  To me, their protestations concerning the AIG bonuses are falling flat.


To my elected officials: I am capable of seeing the bigger picture.  Cut it out!  Stop the blame game (unless you are looking in the mirror).  Stop the spending.  Start the cutting.  Oh, and one more thing…….READ THE CONSTITUTION!


Oh….and while they were crying foul over 165 million, the Fed pumped ONE TRILLION into the treasury.  That means they made up ONE TRILLIONS dollars yesterday that we….do….not…have.



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