Last November as I watch the news of “bailouts”, big spending and out of control congress, I could see our great country of great heritage to be turning a 180. Then I seen that I was not alone in the righteous anger I felt. I heard about the tea party idea and said to myself, this is something that I can do to help our voice be heard. I contacted our local tea party website to see what I could to help. So for ten days I left flyers anywhere they would let me, (church, gas stations, my own customers) As a result along with many others you see what happened. What a turn out! A special thanks should be given to the families that helped organize this great effort.
As I began to make my way to downtown Indy, I could see the people walking with their signs and banners making there way to gather on the statehouse lawn. What a sight to see, at 3pm there were already hundreds. A sense of hope started to stir within me seeing all these Americans standing up to be heard. As time went on more and more people began to flood in to express there outrage with the issue at hand. By 4:30 the number was in the thousands. I was sitting on the steps of the statehouse and what I seen was the real number of Hoosiers (10-12 thousand not 2-3). So we won’t listen to the disgraceful media that has no understanding of what is really going on (I’m sure the Bible calls this type “willingly ignorant”)
I title this Generations because as I sat there that day, with me was my father, two of my brothers, my nephew and my own son. I look at my father who was born in 1930. His life started in the depression, so you can understand what all he has seen in his long life. At eighteen he started at General Motors working in hot box cars loading scrap metal. He soon started as an apprentice and then made his way to a tool & die making career. After 38 years. Through much hard work he became general die maker supervisor. Then after retirement they called him back to do overseas consulting. So to see how this Government and Unions are ruining this great company, the one that supported my family for all those years is very troubling. Through all this he and mom raised six boys(sorry Mom!). I hope that with all that is going on he does not have to end his life in a depression.
Then I look at my son and think of my daughter, what will all this mean for them? He’s 13 and a bright boy. If we do not stop this out of control Government, what future will they have? What debt will they have? Will they enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities that we do? What I do know is that we CAN stand today! We can teach our children the truth!
Then I look at myself. Am I going to stand and watch or am I going to do something more. Well I am. I have made it a point to get educated, read, learn the founding principle that our fathers learned and get involved . I recommend anyone to read the 5000 year leap, I didn’t even make it to the introduction and realized how backwards our country is compared to its founding. I would ask the same from anyone who reads this to do that which is needed!!
So as I sat there that day on the steps I looked over the crowd that was gathered and had such hope and inspiration given to me from all of those who took a stand that day, from the great prayer that was given, to the great speakers and of course Thomas Paine. LET US BE THE SILENT MAJORITY NO MORE. We have sat back and watched for far to long, so you can see where it has gotten us.
So out with P.C. and in with COMMON SENSE. As three generations sat on those steps that day, I seen the past, the present and the future. A past which taught us much good, a present that gives me hope and inspiration and a future that is questionable if we do nothing. Please consider what is at stake and do the right thing. There is only one true hope for this country, it is from above. Pray for our nation as our founders did, Pray for our leaders and pray that we will be better a people through our Great and Mighty GOD. He is our only True Savior.
See you in Washington,
The Wilson’s


They are stealing THEIR MONEY!

They are stealing THEIR MONEY!

Dear Senator Bayh,

In reviewing your voting record over the past few years I was brought to question your current “Nay” vote on the 3.5 trillion dollar budget. In the past politicians (note I do not use the word statesman) in this country figure their constituents look at the last year of their voting record (if at all). You are a smart man. You realize Hoosiers are really a pretty conservative bunch of people who by nature want to work hard and be left alone. Here is my beef with your “Nay” vote on this budget… it comes across as disingenuous when you look at the fact that you are the supposed leader of the “blue dog democrats”. If you really felt that this budget was yet another step in bankrupting our country I would think you would have used your influence to join up with the GOP and at least created a filibuster to this atrocious, socialistic, illogical, spending bill. Do not get me wrong sir, I believe the GOP is at much fault as anyone for this progressive idea that growing the government is a good idea.

You are a professional politician. I am dedicating myself to see you unseated in 2010. I will work as hard as I can to bring a statesman to power. Someone who will not pull punches or waste any influence they have. As you thumb you lapels about how “smart” you were to simply vote “nay” on a bill you knew would get passed and then garner the vote of the conservative Hoosier, know this, there are many like me who are ready to see your kind lose their power over “We the People”. “We the People” are waking up. I attended the April 15th Tea Party at the State Capitol. It was the first political rally I have ever attended. I am now helping organize a July 4th rally. I wonder if your fellow Democrats and our President will continue to make fun of Americans who participate in these events failing to realize that this is not a GOP event, not just republicans, not just libertarians, not just democrats, not just “right wing extremists”, but rather angry Americans who still believe that they have a right to earn a decent wage and keep it for themselves and not be forced to share it with someone who has made BAD choices. These are people who realize that this is punishing good behavior and rewarding bad behavior.

On November 3, 2010 when you wake up wondering what just happened you might want to save this letter and put a note on it that reminds you to “Read me if I lose in 2010”. I might be dreaming that someone as powerful and manipulative as yourself can actually lose with your long history in the state. Rest easy, I am sure you will be fine and I am sure this is just a rant. I am sure you succeeded and fooled all the Hoosiers with your “Nay” vote. You and all the incumbents are going to be fine. Americans really are happy with how things are going. The GOP is not even going to back a candidate in any significant way in Indiana in 2010. They have basically already conceded defeat. It is doubtful that there really is an undercurrent of anger that is brewing and could boil over and wash away many of the politicians who have gotten America into this mess. The funny thing is people keep on talking about how the GOP needs to be rebuilt and how the democrats are on the right track. I find this funny because it seems to me that you all are in the same bed with big business, big lobbyists, and each other in many respects. I find it funny because I (and I pretty sure I am the only one who thinks this so rest easy) have been thinking that both parties need to be scrapped. The players must be replaced. Our liberty must be restored.

So maybe a “thank you” for your “nay” vote on a bill so heinous and destructive that it has the potential of driving our country into a ditch is in order. I for one will withhold my thanks realizing that it was rather easy for a “Blue Dog” in an election year to push the “nay” button knowing that the success of the bill was a foregone conclusion. I have to run and let Mr. Lugar know what I think of his “nay” vote. My sentiment is the same. Once again rest easy… all is well… you are a shoo-in come 2010.


Jeff Petersen

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Only a few people are going to show up

Only a few people are going to show up

They seem happy with how things are going

They seem happy with how things are going

I work from 6 am till 2:30 pm. I drove from my job up on 75th and Binford Blvd to downtown. After a small stop at the leather supply shop on South and Illinois, I drove down to the Circle Center Mall’s parking garage on Illinois. After parking, I walked the long way down Maryland and came at the State House Lawn from the southwest. I was almost sad at the few people I saw as I came with in the view of the state house.

“It’s still early,” I told myself, “There will be more people.”

I walked around, some. I saw a homemade coffin leaning against a tree just south west of the steps. There was quite a bit of writing on it complaining about what has happened in the country. That was about the time that I heard the first horn. “Oh, gods, please say that we don’t have people out blocking traffic during rush hour.” Must to my relief, when I looked, it was just people driving by and honking their encouragement to this line of people standing on the edge of the state house lawn on Washington St. Where the people had come from I don’t know. One minute there was no one there, next, there’s people out on the edge of the lawn.

I finally made my way around to the medical area to say hi to Lori and reassure her that I had no intention of catching fire and that I didn’t even bring any matches. When I missed her the first time and started another “orbit” of the stage, there were more people. “Wow, its going to be a pretty good turn out.” (At this time, I had not quite noticed that people were coming in from the south east corner of the lawn.)

I walked around the lawn again, looking at some of the people, getting some pictures of the statues and people there. Gotta say, there were some pretty hot looking college girls there supporting the cause. I did hear some guy saying how Obama was going to repeal the constitution and declare martial law. We were all doomed. This guy just seemed like he was interested in talking to his friends, not pushing his beliefs on everyone else.

Then the music started. I found myself singing along with all of them. (Much like everyone else was. I have to say that the Wright Brothers were very good. I wish I had heard of them sooner.

It seems like I blinked and there were more people. I stopped to get pictures of the reinactors. One of who told me, “That will be a dollar, capitalism and all,” I responded, “Sorry, I am broke.” Another guy spoke up, “I know where you might get a loan.” There was laughter all around.

Once again, I actually looked at the number of people. There were people all down the walk to Washington street and all down the walk to Washington & capitol streets. The noise was getting louder and the people were starting to get excited. And the temp suddenly dropped.

I made two or three more orbits back and forth looking at the people there, reading their signs shaking my head at some of them, laughing at some of them, seeing others as “acorn plants” and wondering what the rest of them were thinking. Flags were being handed out (I still have mine as well as the don’t tread on me flag that I bought which will get put up in my van eventually).

I ended up almost in a line from the stage to the south west corner of the lawn as they called for everyone’s attention. I listened to Laura and Richard speak, applauding and waving my flags every so often. Then they announced the immigrant from Pakistan (a naturalized American citizen) who was going to give the invocation. I noticed that quite a few people were stunned when they heard him talk, till he started talking about Jesus and his experiences in American and his love for the country. I could feel the crowd warming up to him in an amazing way. When he actually started the prayer, I bowed my head. (While I am not Christian, I still believe in showing respect if nothing else to the founding fathers that were Christian and would have bowed their heads as well.) The prayer was very moving and I could tell that he greatly cared for his new home country and the religion that I am pretty sure he was not born to.

A young girl was next up and she led the Pledge of allegiance. It reminded me of every day in elementary school and middle school, the pledge would be read by one student at random each morning over the p.a. system at school. I think this is the first time I have taken the pledge of allegiance in nearly 25 years I think.

Mr. Garrison spoke after that. I listen to him once in a while in the morning (when time and work permit). I agree with what he said and enjoyed listening to him. I have to say that I was worried for a moment that he was going to turn it into a political speech but he really didn’t.

More people spoke, I am sorry I don’t remember them all. I had started walking again moving around the crowd getting pictures again and looking at the crowds. When “Thomas Payne” began to speak it was quite in thrilling. I agreed with him entirely. The crowd also seemed to love him as well. Other than one small group encouraging everyone to get their lifetime gun permits and get their guns. I think they were trying to get people to rise to action but I missed some of what they were saying as I was trying to get closer to the speakers to hear Mr. “Payne”.

Once his speech was over, I decided to head out. I needed to go to my parents and do a few things there before I went home. It was funny though. On my drive out of downtown, I saw at least 1/2 a dozen people who either by carrying flags or just a look about them, that I could tell had been to the event. Maryland Street waving a huge don’t tread on me flag. It was good to see it and to see the reaction of people who were not at the event as they passed by.

If you made it to here, you are way more patient than I would have been. Just my thoughts and time at the party.

Shawn B.

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I’m a Beck fan and have been since long before it was “trendy” to do so. I jumped on the “We Surround Them” movement and sent my picture to Beck for what became a mosaic of thousands of faces. I helped Laura and Richard the day of the viewing of the 3/13 reveal of Beck’s The 9-12 Project. My part was small…I dragged family members to attend, brought some signs Laura asked me to make and agreed to help sign people up for “Tea Parties” during the event. Confession time now….I really didn’t have much interest in the Tea Party deal…I wanted to promote the 12 Principles and 9 Values with Beck. But Laura and Richard were genuinely nice people and when they asked me to attend the planning committee meeting for the Tea party, I went just put in my 2 cents and didn’t plan on continuing with the whole “Tea Party deal”. Well if you haven’t had the pleasure to meet and work under Laura and Richard then you might not understand but they are “infectious” when it comes to their enthusiasm! So I kept going to the committee meetings and sign making meetings and I volunteered to help co-ordinate people who wanted to blog to promote the Tea Party. By now I had been “converted” as I saw Laura and Richard recruiting more and more people that felt the same way I did about the direction of this country. As the Tea Party came together there were high hopes and a few disappointments (I had hoped Beck would choose to do his show from Indy on 4/15) but due to Richard and Laura’s leadership it was growing into a real “professional production” pulled together with nothing but dedicated volunteers who knew “people” who “knew people”. There are so many other volunteers that I never met that helped get the word out on the event, namely the printers who at their cost printed fliers, signs that said “Enough” and the handouts with info on how to stay active after the Tea Party ended. We had no idea how many would attend our little Tea Party and hoped we wouldn’t have more volunteers at the event then attendees. Just to cover our bases though we felt it necessary to have a medical response team so Wes and I recruited two other R.N.s and another volunteer “recruited” her husband who is an MD. We had a meeting on the Friday before the event at the Capitol with the security team volunteers and the rest of the committee. We closed the meeting with an incredible prayer offered by Jeff while we stood on the Capitol building steps. The day of the Tea Party I arrived a short time after the other volunteers who were already setting up hospitality tables. My husband helped me set up the first aid tent. While putting the “patient” cot together he pinched his finger in the tubing and started bleeding everywhere. It took 3 bandaids to get the bleeding to stop. I thought…this isn’t a good sign if the volunteers become “patients”before the event even begins. Medical superstition says “If you don’t have something…you will definitely need it. If you have everything set up and ready for an emergency…the emergency will never happen”. Ask any medical person who has been in the profession for a while and they will tell you it’s true. So since we weren’t able to find a loaner AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) I went into the Capitol building to locate where they were in case we would need one later. (I was certain someone would have a heart attack during the Tea Party). We won’t go into all the bloody details but lets just let it be said that if you plan to have a heart attack…DON’T have it on Capitol grounds. After being sent to 3 different offices, and talking to no less than 3 police officers and many, many people…no one seemed to know what an AED was or where one was kept. There might have been one in the Governor’s office but that office closed and would be locked at the end of their work day which happened to be the same time the Tea Party was to start. I debated in my mind if I had the courage to break in to the Governors office if someone had a heart attack. I gave up on the AED and said a prayer for the health of anyone that might show up for the event. Back outside people were beginning to straggle in. I took it as a good sign people were arriving early but still wondered if we would get much of a turnout. Then as it got closer to the time to start the Tea Party people started arriving at ever increasing rates. It became clear we were going to have a HUGE turnout! The signs were incredibly creative and just about everyone had one. People lined the sidewalks holding their signs for people passing in cars, trucks and buses to see. The tooting of horns and shouts of agreement and thumbs up signs from the passengers driving by was music to my ears and to my heart! From the first aid tent I couldn’t see the stage or speakers but I could hear and it was inspiring especially our own medical team member Wes R.N. who was a Soap Box speaker. Everyone who spoke was incredible in a different way but incredible nonetheless. Since I couldn’t see the stage I watched the reaction of the people in the crowd…they were totally focused on the message even the kids! Everyone knew this was something important, something great and we were UNIFIED! It was an inspiring event to say the least…from beginning to end! We volunteers were amazed at our sucess, pulled together entirely by “amatuers”. But the day wasn’t over, after clean up and tear down we met for pizza with Richard, Laura, Dr Basso (Thomas Paine). We all agreed we were in awe of how flawlessly the event had gone considering the huge number of people who attended (I credit our excellent security crew headed by Jeff and Paul). Dr. Bob Basso told us that our jobs weren’t over tho. Clearly we had started something BIG and we needed to keep it moving forward so he shared with us what he thought we needed to do. He is an amazing man and had our full attention. So now, under the excellent leadership of Laura and Richard, with the talents of the committee, and the infusion of new people with new resources we will go forward…us and more than 12,000 of our new best friends! We Surround Them!


I guess this is my TEA Party story:

I am a pretty common person that was raised in a common house in a common small town in central Indiana. My parents weren’t wealthy but we always ate well. We farmed and had a garden there was nothing really special about the way I was raised. At least that was what I thought until recently.
I realized that my parents were uncommonly patriotic. I remember growing up the threat of the Soviet Union and the concern that many had for them. My parents were part of a group called the John Birch Society. It really didn’t mean that much to me and my best friend and I joked about it after I was grown. I remember having a club house and in it was a picture of Ronald Reagan. My mom snuck in one day to check on what my best friend and I were up to. Later she told me she had and she told me that she was proud of me. Even at a young age I knew there was something special about him; I didn’t realize how special he was until much later.
I owe an incredible debt to my parents. They taught me to stand up for what I believe in. They taught me to speak up and stand up for those who relied on me. My father was in the pacific theater during WW2. He never regretted it and is proud to have served his country. I never was much of an outspoken person politically but the events that have unfolded in the past few months have rekindled a fire in me that my parents put there so many years ago. I hope I can do the same for my boys.
I was proud that my first “protest” was to bring back responsibility to Washington. I was extremely moved by the whole event. I will admit that all the way to the State House I was in prayer that it would not be a failure. I kept thinking of all those that I knew wanted to be there but couldn’t for one reason or another. God does answer prayer and he answers it in a big way. When I arrived about there were a few hundred people there by the time I walked across the front of the lawn and started back it looked like a few thousand within a few minutes the place was packed. My wife, her best friend, my three boys and I stood together and listened (well the boys 2, 4 and 7 ran around like maniacs and my wife corralled). When the Star Spangled Banner was sung goose bumps rose on my arms. That was nothing new that happens every time I hear it. I was proud of those who had come out to say, ‘we have had enough.’ The group there wasn’t the protest crowd they were the go to work, God fearing, raise my family and help my neighbor’s crowd. As I looked around I thought what have the politicians done to get this crowd up and going.
I hope we always remember and teach our kids that even if things are going well we cannot sit idly by and watch. That is how we got here. We need to stay on top of all the issues. We need to help send congressmen home frequently so they remember why they are there. We need to act like the owners of this country that we are. We The People can no longer afford to be silent.
Just a common American,
Robert A Baugh

Hello Jeff,

I would like to first of all offer many, many thanks for your and other’s efforts to put on this Tea Party we experienced April 15th.

I would like to say also, that during my long life (69 years), that I have not been a political person. Oh, yes, I served in the military, I have voted my conscious every election so I consider myself a very patriotic person, who loves this country dearly. Yada yada yada . . .

But . . . I also was complacent in the idea that whoever we had in office was interested in the welfare of our country. Most certainly the politicians, leaders, etc., would not do anything to hurt, injure our country in any way. I do not have that complacency any more as I see elected officials who would deny us our rights, tax us to oblivion, ridicule our thoughts and interests and apologize for our country to the world. All that, when we have been one of the most noble countries ever!

I also understand that this country’s “rights” are God given. They are not given by any politician, or for that matter any document, other than what God ordains. We are truly a privileged and blessed country. And that was from the beginning with our forefathers, who I believe wrote a divinely inspired document we call the Constitution. I really believe that if we as a country do not change our ways, we will continue the downward spiral we find ourselves in.

We have politicians who do not listen to us. They refer to us in condescending voice and manner. I have experienced the same treatment as some have, reading about our Senators, Representatives from Indiana who have been sent to Washington, D.C.

All that said, this Tea Party movement has inspired me, and shown me there is a glimmer of hope. I certainly hope this thing continues and doesn’t stop, for if it does, all of this will go for naught. There are so many problems to be tackled, one hardly knows where to begin to solve our country’s situation. Truly daunting to be sure. From the local level would be a good place to start, I suppose. To ask the question, how to eat an elephant? In small bites would be the answer.

Let us continue, let us continue on to what is next. Let us not let this movement die on the vine. I for one, am ready to go to Washington, D.C. to march on those of us with like mind. As has been said, we surround them. There is more of us than there is of them. We need leadership, we need direction. Who will step up?

Bryan R,
Avon, IN

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Wednesday, I participated in the Indianapolis Tax Day Tea Party. And, I have some personal things to say.
As all of you know, I served the US Army a good part of my adult life, including two tours in Nam. I’ve never been one to call attention to myself. But, on Wednesday, I felt a need to wear a black baseball cap with the ‘Vietnam Veteran’ logo. I’ve had my bouts with Post Traumatic whatever-they-call-it and learned to somewhat cope with it.
Wednesday, my son and I stood shoulder-to-shoulder. Somewhat like me, he served with the Marines, and we both carry Purple Hearts. He served in Somalia. He does not show any outward display of his tour of duty. We both are appalled at the direction this country is headed, and will stand with anyone who wants to reverse this trend; by whatever means that are necessary.
We had with us his 8 yo daughter, Sierra. I was pleased that she understood that we were protesting the “bad” things going on in this country. She needs a bit more information to fully what is “bad” for the country, but, she is getting there.
But, I want to say, that for me, it became personal. Never, since 1971, have so many people come up to me to thank me for my service. I was brought to tears more than once by the kind words some had to say. A bit closer to closure. I am truly proud to be a member of these groups, both the SB and the Indy Tea Party.
And for all you vets, and I know for I saw many, I hope you had just such a good experience. And, for all you who know a Vet(s), give him/her a salute, or hand shake. We did/do not serve any political agenda, only you and this great Nation.
Don of Indy
“….I have always lived violently, drunk hugely, eaten too much or not at
all, slept around the clock or missed two nights of sleeping, worked too hard
and too long in glory, or slobbed for a time in utter laziness. I’ve lifted,
pulled, chopped, climbed, made love with joy and taken my hangovers as a
consequence, not as a punishment.”
John Steinbeck’s ‘Travels With Charley’

Don of INDY