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3 Responses to “Political Discussions”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

  2. libertyschalkboard Says:

    Hello Jeff!

    For the reasons stated below in this excerpted paragraph from my newly launched tea party blog:

    I am looking for Conservative parents who are either homeschooling their children or have a desire to do so. I would like to learn more about your experiences and/or requirements. Thanks! Ian

    _ _ _

    Many of the participants in the April 15th tea parties have been looking for ways to further contribute their energies to the cause of reducing the size and authority of our government and to return our constitutional liberties back to the people. Much of this initiative is focused, primarily, on finding and supporting new candidates for the 2010 Congressional midterm elections. This is an extremely worthwhile effort … but, if successful, it can only produce a short-term vanguard against the tyrannical groundswell coming at us from the Left. I am not trying to discourage any focus on the 2010 midterms but, while we are trimming the weed at the surface, we should also attend to its persistent root hidden deep in the ground. The root of the problem, the public school system, is nurtured by an increasingly Progressive agenda and it has been thriving unchallenged in that condition for almost a half century. What is the purpose of building a second Reagan revolution if only to have it compromised, yet again, by future generations of an indoctrinated electorate motivated by rote passion to embrace Socialism over Capitalism? I am proposing that the Tea Party movement should not only concern itself with the electoral process but with the educational process as well. One possible way of extirpating the root is by first starving it into submission; we should stop providing the public school system with our most valuable resource, our nation’s children, only to have them recruited, without parental consent, to serve as obedient Progressive foot soldiers into the future.

    _ _ _

    Please visit: Liberty’s Chalkboard

  3. Settor42 Says:

    Privilege, at its core, is the advantages that people benefit from based solely on their social status. ,

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