Kiwanis Sympathetic to Bill Ayers?

By: Jeff Petersen

Last night I attended a protest at Purdue University brought on by the presence of Bill Ayers.  It was very successful as those of us protesting outnumbered those who listened to the unrepentant terrorist by a margin of 3 to 1.  This is a man who hates what the United States stands for in the most fundamental way.  He is a cop killer.  He now has turned his efforts towards what he sees as the surest way of “reforming America” and that is through the indoctrination of our youth.  He considers himself an “educator”.  Along these lines he was invited as a speaker at a Kiwanis event.

 There were hundreds of phone calls made to the Kiwanis HQ about not allowing this killer to speak.  All were told that Ayers would be allowed to exercise his First Amendment Right.  If you find this as repulsive as I do I am asking that you direct others to this article AND to NOT BUY ANY KIWANIS Peanuts.  This is their big fundraising weekend.  Let them know that the youth of America has no business associating itself with Ayers or his doctrine.

Speaking in Elgin IL at Kiwanis

Speaking in Elgin IL at Kiwanis