Read about the double standard in this article by Michelle Malkin.

Recently, Bill O’Reilly appeared on Glenn Beck’s show to discuss the disparity between the “Earth Day” coverage and the TEA Party Day coverage.

Everybody knows that NBC and MSNBC is totally in the tank for Barack Obama, and has been ever since he became the Democrat candidate for Presidency. But this goes deeper than just the heads of NBC being politically or idealogically aligned with liberal politicians! As Beck and O’Reilly explain, NBC and MSNBC are owned by GE… which makes wind turbines and other “green” things… which they hope to be able to sell to companies if and when the “Cap and Trade” legislation passes.

This is quid pro quo. Dirty Chicago politics gone national. NBC/MSNBC promoting — heavily promoting — politicians and policies that will eventually serve to make them billions.

Any wonder why Barack Obama wasted 9000+ gallons of fuel flying half-way across the country to deliver an “Earth Day” speech in front of a wind turbine, when he could have saved all that fuel (and time, and money, and Secret Service activity) delivering a “save the planet” speech from the White House?

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