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10 Responses to “Letters to Politicians”

  1. conservative74 Says:

    This is what I just wrote to both Senators and to my Congressman.

    I just heard President Obama speak to the press on the subject of the AIG bonuses and the “outrage” that the administration is feeling. I am highly concerned for 2 reasons:

    1) While I am not happy that the government gave ANY money to AIG in the first place, I am FAR more concerned with the idea of government inserting itself in the contractual negotiations between a company and the employees of that company. The government has NO place redoing the contracts already in place between AIG and the people recieving those contracts. And for the record, neither I nor any of my family members are employed by AIG.

    2) The concept of taxing ANY bonuses at a higher than current rate is UNACCEPTABLE to me. Bonuses under 1 million are already taxed at 25% and bonuses over 1 million are taxed at 35%. A taxing of 95-98% as has been proposed by certain members of Congress is an outrage. Especially seeing the Congress approved the AIG deal to begin with.

    As to both of my points, I know that once government opens a door, they never shut that door again. Interfering in contractual negotiations and the taxation of bonuses will NEVER END if this type of legislation in carried through.

    Do not allow the Obama administration to panic you into voting for any type of legislation that would insert the Federal government even deeper in the beliegured economy than it already has. Vote against an increase in ANY bonus tax and vote against ANY insertion by the government into the contracts of businesses.

    Thank you,

    Esther Petersen

    1. conservative74 Says:

      I appreciate this submission. Please continue to send them in as they will encourage others to do what needs to be done…. take back our country from the liberal left!

  2. Esther Says:

    The letter I just wrote to Congressman Buyer.

    I understand the you voted against the recent 90% taxation of the AIG bonuses because you believe it should have been a 100% tax. I strongly, but respectfully disagree with your position for the following reasons.

    1) Article I of the Constitution of the United States of America says in section nine that Congress SHALL NOT write a Bill of Attainder. That is what is going right now. Congress has passed yet another reactionary bill out of anger at a situation. The Constitution is meant to be followed even when we are angry. That is the function and constraints of a Federal Republic form of government.

    2) It is reprehensible that some of those in Congress would attempt to cover their mistake of passing the AIG bailout to begin with by using a Bill of Attainder.

    3) The Federal Government has NO business inserting itself into the Contract between a company and the employees of that company.

    All of these are DANGEROUS precidents and the total disreguard of consequences and the Constitution must stop.

    Respectfully in disagreement,

    Esther Petersen

  3. Sharon Petersen Says:

    A letter to my Senators and congressman:
    I am becoming more and more convinced that this present administration is purposely trying to deal a death blow to our economy from which it will NEVER recover. Why? Because if the EPA can fine companies for so-called “toxic” emissions , that policy will bring this country to its knees economically. I realize that the cap and trade proposal will not be passed, because even the democrats in Congress realize that this would deal a “death blow ” to their chances of reelection! So what does this administration do? ….an end-around…they will HAVE THEIR WAY regardless of the results of such outrageous policies.

    Please do whatever you can to stop this craziness.

    Thank you

  4. Sharon Petersen Says:

    Another letter to my Senators and congressman:
    The just published Homeland Security Report is very disturbing to me. I especially take exception to veterans being identified as possible recruits for right-wing extremists.

    By definition, I would also have to fall into the category of that of a right-wing extremist, because I am ARDENTLY pro-lifeand also believe in upholding the constitution. Our congress must uphold this document…this is what makes our country DIFFERENT and outstanding. I believe this Homeland Security Report is UNCONSTITUTIONAL in that it is monitoring political thought and in essence “profiles” anyone that is essentially conservative as a right-wing extremist. I attended the Knoxville Tea Party yesterday and there were many signs addressing this latest assault on our liberties.

    Also, there were many signs about ousting RINOS…thought you might like to know.

  5. Congressman Souder,

    As a US Navy veteran and conservative American I was shocked by the Department of Homeland Securities report on “Right Wing Extremism”. It is very disconcerting that the US government agency responsible for keeping America safe from terrorists and protecting American rights and liberties would condemn Americans for believing in and practicing those very rights and liberties, not to mention the direct insult to veterans. The very people who have and continue to sacrifice for the protection of the American Constitution. Secretary Napolitano’s “apology” was less than sincere and I would say that she has no idea of the magnitude of her report. I think we should be “demanding” at the very least an official and public apology, if not her resignation.


    William Barnthouse
    US Navy veteran
    Angola, Indiana

  6. conservative74 Says:

    Dear Senator Bayh,

    In reviewing your voting record over the past few years I was brought to question your current “Nay” vote on the 3.5 trillion dollar budget. In the past politicians (note I do not use the word statesman) in this country figure their constituents look at the last year of their voting record (if at all). You are a smart man. You realize Hoosiers are really a pretty conservative bunch of people who by nature want to work hard and be left alone. Here is my beef with your “Nay” vote on this budget… it comes across as disingenuous when you look at the fact that you are the supposed leader of the “blue dog democrats”. If you really felt that this budget was yet another step in bankrupting our country I would think you would have used your influence to join up with the GOP and at least created a filibuster to this atrocious, socialistic, illogical, spending bill. Do not get me wrong sir, I believe the GOP is at much fault as anyone for this progressive idea that growing the government is a good idea.

    You are a professional politician. I am dedicating myself to see you unseated in 2010. I will work as hard as I can to bring a statesman to power. Someone who will not pull punches or waste any influence they have. As you thumb you lapels about how “smart” you were to simply vote “nay” on a bill you knew would get passed and then garner the vote of the conservative Hoosier, know this, there are many like me who are ready to see your kind lose their power over “We the People”. “We the People” are waking up. I attended the April 15th Tea Party at the State Capitol. It was the first political rally I have ever attended. I am now helping organize a July 4th rally. I wonder if your fellow Democrats and our President will continue to make fun of Americans who participate in these events failing to realize that this is not a GOP event, not just republicans, not just libertarians, not just democrats, not just “right wing extremists”, but rather angry Americans who still believe that they have a right to earn a decent wage and keep it for themselves and not be forced to share it with someone who has made BAD choices. These are people who realize that this is punishing good behavior and rewarding bad behavior.

    On November 3, 2010 when you wake up wondering what just happened you might want to save this letter and put a note on it that reminds you to “Read me if I lose in 2010”. I might be dreaming that someone as powerful and manipulative as yourself can actually lose with your long history in the state. Rest easy, I am sure you will be fine and I am sure this is just a rant. I am sure you succeeded and fooled all the Hoosiers with your “Nay” vote. You and all the incumbents are going to be fine. Americans really are happy with how things are going. The GOP is not even going to back a candidate in any significant way in Indiana in 2010. They have basically already conceded defeat. It is doubtful that there really is an undercurrent of anger that is brewing and could boil over and wash away many of the politicians who have gotten America into this mess. The funny thing is people keep on talking about how the GOP needs to be rebuilt and how the democrats are on the right track. I find this funny because it seems to me that you all are in the same bed with big business, big lobbyists, and each other in many respects. I find it funny because I (and I pretty sure I am the only one who thinks this so rest easy) have been thinking that both parties need to be scrapped. The players must be replaced. Our liberty must be restored.

    So maybe a “thank you” for your “nay” vote on a bill so heinous and destructive that it has the potential of driving our country into a ditch is in order. I for one will withhold my thanks realizing that it was rather easy for a “Blue Dog” in an election year to push the “nay” button knowing that the success of the bill was a foregone conclusion. I have to run and let Mr. Lugar know what I think of his “nay” vote. My sentiment is the same. Once again rest easy… all is well… you are a shoo-in come 2010.


    Jeff Petersen

  7. conservative74 Says:

    Dear Senator Lugar,

    Thank you SO MUCH for voting “nay” on the budget proposal. What would have happened if you had voted “yea”? I mean your vote really struck a cord with me how you are not a professional politician after all!

    Or are you? Could it be that you could have been in the forefront while the GOP was in control in reducing the size of government? Could you have been pushing for fiscal responsibility, more personal freedom, less government intervention?

    You sir are a progressive. While you may sleep easy at night thinking to yourself that you are “no Arlen Specter” I have to wonder. Actually, at least Specter was willing to come out of the closet. I have heard you are planning on retiring in 2012. I hope you follow that course of action. It will save me the effort of helping to defeat you in a primary.

    It is time for this country to replace politicians and insert statesmen and stateswomen. I shudder to think that you might actually consider yourself one.


    Jeff Petersen

    P.S. Good luck on your retirement plans. It will be a joy knowing my tax dollars will be paying for your rest from doing nothing beneficial for the state of Indiana.

  8. Sharon Petersen Says:

    This is a letter that was published in our Knoxville paper:

    Term limits urged for all politicians

    I am a great-grandmother who attended the inspiring patriotic Knoxville Tea Party.

    I am an angry American who is witnessing our country being destroyed in less than 100 days of the Barack Obama administration.

    As a nation, we must return to the God-given right of each person to the pursuit of happiness as provided in the Declaration of Independence.

    The grassroots movement by ordinary people must save our freedom in America. We must have limited government–of the people, for the people and by the people.

    Term limits for all politicians.

    Mary Sanders

  9. Sam Racioppi Says:

    Dear Representative Tierney,

    I am strongly against health care reform, in its current state. No one doubts that our health care system needs reform, but the bill is rushed, financially irresponsible, and allows the government too much control and influence in our lives.

    I am very passionate about our government. I still believe that there is good in our government. However, I don’t feel as if my representatives are actually representing me.

    I talk to people everywhere I go, and everyone I speak to is OVERWHELMINGLY against Obamacare. I will be honest, there was ONE person in my travels, and he was not a part of your district.

    Anyways, I am encouraging people to write to their representatives and senators to express their feelings about this bill, whether they’re for it or against it.

    Also, I am going to start distributing this email to others, particularly in your district. Hopefully, others will send this same email.

    Let this email serve notice to you, my representative.

    ***The people are overwhelmingly against this health care bill.

    ***I WILL be paying attention to your vote, should it come to a vote.

    ***I WILL encourage others to write their reps, and express their opinion on the vote.

    ***Come November, I WILL remember how you voted.

    ***Come November, I WILL remind others how you voted.

    I truly believe that this health care plan would be the biggest mistake this country has ever made. No government program that has ever been created has been undone. The government has never been successful at “top-down” reform… EVER.

    Please don’t allow this abomination to pass.

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