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Seems to me that you would WANT to go against an unpopular president… this is a govt takeover believe it

The MOST effective Tea Parties are LOCAL ones

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I thought I would share with you who I am going to vote for in the US Senate Primary Race in Indiana.  I encourage all of you to vote regardless of who you vote for.  I believe Mr. Hostettler is the conservative who has the knowledge and a proven track record for standing up to the GOP that we need.  Feel free to email me any questions.  I am not affiliated with his campaign in any way and it is a decision I came up with over the past 3 months of scrutinizing the race.



A letter from Carl Little, Chairman of the John Hostettler for Senate Committee

Dear Friend,

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your hard work, support, and prayers. People from all walks of life across our state are joining our cause every day – people who are excited about the opportunity to send a true statesman and patriot to the U.S. Senate. With your continued support, we will surprise the Washington establishment – who have already crowned their candidate – and win a major victory for everyday folks.

I want to take a moment to share with you why I support John – and why I can confidently pledge to you that our campaign will be one of honesty and integrity befitting of the kind of Senator that John will be.

I have had the privilege to know John for nearly a decade now, both as a friend and as a congressional staffer during his service in the U.S. House of Representatives. I have been there with him in good times and in bad – and no matter what the circumstances, I have seen this man stand firm on principle when others wilted.

I have watched him take slings and arrows from the liberal press, from his colleagues, and even from some from his own friends who were frightened that his principled stands would not be popular. A man of John’s integrity and principle is so rare in Washington DC that he has sometimes been called “stubborn,” “maverick” and “unorthodox”. Washington just doesn’t understand how someone could base his decisions solely on what is right.

Perhaps the most unfair slur that was thrown at John in my tenure working for him was “arrogant.” Anyone who has attended a Hostettler town hall meeting knows that he will stay until everyone’s questions have been answered. I have seen him stand in the parking lot afterward to answer questions of constituents who were having problems with federal agencies, and personally seeing to it that their concerns were answered. Arrogance? No. Conviction to his oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution? Yes. A biased press can’t tell the difference.

John’s staff remained loyal through all of the name calling and attacks.

In fact our office was the envy of every staffer on Capitol Hill. Why? Because John was resolute in his passion for our Republic and in his defense of the Constitution. He spent time with staffers,treating them as equals, and taking every opportunity to educate young staffers on the constitution and the founder’s writings as to its meaning. Because of John’s humbleness and consistent nature, our office was a exciting place to work. Other staffers, visiting our office, would tell us how different our office was.

Our office was not under the constant pressure of catering to influential lobbyists and jockeying for a favored position in party leadership’s eyes. Our office was a place where substantive legislative work was accomplished by staffers dedicated to helping John keep his oath to uphold the constitution.

Lobbyists did not write John’s legislation. John, with his staff, did the hard work of hammering out the details of the legislation he introduced.

I’ll never forget the day that I made an appointment with one of the Speaker of the House’s staffers to discuss one of these pieces of legislation. The first question this staffer asked me was, “Who’s legislation is this?” “Congressman Hostettler’s,” I replied. “No I mean what group asked you to introduce it,” the staffer barked. “No lobbyist asked him to introduce it, we saw a problem and we wrote legislation to fix it.” I said. The staffer turned back to his computer screen as if to dismiss me and said, “Leave it on the desk, and I’ll take a look at it when I have time.” I never heard back from him.

Such are Washington’s ways and will continue to be Washington’s ways. If we continue to send politicians to Washington who will wilt under the pressure of a system that has devolved into a government of the lobbyists, by the multinational corporations, for the advancement of individual interests – we will lose the nation we love.

At this time in our nation’s history, it is popular for those running for office to claim the mantel of “anti-establishment.” But I think it is telling that the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) doesn’t even list John as a candidate on their website but instead lists the two true establishment candidates. Is that what we want, those in power in Washington DC telling Hoosiers who the best candidate is?
John Hostettler’s campaigns and his tenure in government service have always been about restoring trust. If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it hundreds of times. “I may not agree with everything he says, but I can always trust him to do exactly what he says he will do.”

It’s time to elect someone who will represent the people of Indiana; it’s time to send a man to Washington who will put principle before politics, because now more than ever – it’s time for Senator John Hostettler.

John Hostettler will be speaking at Faith on April 30.

Daily Times – Site Edition Friday, October 30, 2009

Al Qaeda leadership in Pakistan: Hillary Clinton

* US taxes everything, and ‘that’s not what we see in Pakistan’
* Pakistan must start planning for challenges posed by population growth
* US secretary of state meets COAS

LAHORE: The leadership of Al Qaeda is in Pakistan, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Thursday.

“I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they are and couldn’t get them if they really wanted to,” she added.

“Maybe that’s the case; maybe they’re not gettable. I don’t know… As far as we know, they are in Pakistan,” Clinton told senior Pakistani newspaper editors in Lahore, AFP reported. “The percentage of taxes on GDP (in Pakistan) is among the lowest in the world… We (the United States) tax everything that moves and doesn’t move, and that’s not what we see in Pakistan,” she said.

“You do have 180 million people. Your population is projected to be about 300 million. And I don’t know what you’re going to do with that kind of challenge, unless you start planning right now,” she said.

“If we are going to have a mature partnership where we work together” then “there are issues that not just the United States but others have with your government and with your military security establishment”.

Separately, Clinton also met army chief General Ashfaq Kayani and exchanged views on a host of security-related issues. afp/sajjad malik


By: Esther Petersen

I am afraid that we have been proven right.  I have attended five Tea Party type events this year and the theme, for most of the people I talked to was, “it all about control”.  At the very first Tea Party event on April 15th, it was TARP and the Omnibus spending plan that were front and center in the targeted anger.  That is interesting to note as TARP was passed under the leadership of the GOP and Omnibus was under the leadership of the Democrats.  Healthcare reform (or take over) was still on the “far-off” drawing board with Cap and Trade.  Two big, bad, bills looming in, what we hoped, was a very distant future.  If only……..

 Fast forward to the end of September and look at where we are now.  Cap and Trade was rammed through the House of Representatives and the Healthcare legislation has at least four different bills floating around.  “We the People” did our job throughout the summer with our phones calls and emails, and we certainly made our position know loudly and clearly through our unprecedented town hall participation.  Oh yes, we read up on as much as we could, we made no pretences as to our positions, we fought hard all summer, and ended with a massive march on Capitol Hill.    And what has happened since?  Have our Representatives decided to actually listen to us and to do what we demanded of them?  No, they most certainly have not.  In fact, they are now putting a gag order on Humana, a private business, which prevents Humana from passing on information to its customers that is backed up by the CBO!  That is correct!  Humana is not lying to its customers, they are passing on information that has been verified by the Congressional Budget Office, yet the long and ever far reaching arm of the Federal Government has told them to “shut up”. 

 If only that were the only thing that was obscene about the moves made since the August recess.  Now, what is referred to as the Baucus bill will include not only a substantial fee, but possible JAIL TIME for people who do not purchase insurance.  Let us think about that for a moment.  It has been shown through interviews and speeches that President Obama, Representatives Pelosi and Frank, and Senators Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich to name a few, are all supportive of a single payer health system.  The problem is, the American people do not agree.  The American people want healthcare reform not a “government takeover”.  So what is the solution?  Why that is simple, force the public into a single payer system over a period of time and do it by making the current system so obnoxious that people begin to think there is no other option.  Boom, there it is.  They gain full control and we are stuck with it.  If this is not the case then why would they be opposed to the options such as opening up state borders and tort reform that would cost the American public nothing?  Why would they be opposed to free market solutions?  Why would they be opposed to breaking the bill down into much smaller, less intrusive, easier to read bills?  The answer, I am afraid, is becoming more and more obvious.  They do not want to just reform healthcare; they want to completely transform it into something we in this country have never seen before.  They ultimately want to control it, therefore they will not listen to us and reform it slowly with common sense moves.

 What can we do, then?  Are we doomed to accept what they are about to force on us?  I say “NO”.  I say that we must insist that “if” they do what I think they are going to do and use reconciliation to pass this bill, we must demand that the new people we WILL elect in 2010 must immediately begin working to repeal anything that moves healthcare out of our hands and into the hands of the Federal Government.  My friends, I feel we are in for a long fight.  Are you up for it?


Hi All,

I am welcoming a new author to the blog… many of you have seen him at different rallies… please welcome Patriot Paul…. JP

I think that is about 3500 people... but math isn't so good

I think that is about 3500 people... but math isn't so good

Tea Party–Mother of All

By: Patriot Paul

 During the Bush and Obama administrations, the frustration exemplified with tea parties, rallies, and protests culminated in a massive display of freedom-loving individuals converging on our nation’s capitol on 9/12 for the purpose of showing displeasure of excessive government at the expense of common sense and the rule of law.  Freedom Works, Resistnet, Teaparty Patriots, Heartland Institute, Americans for Tax Reform and the Ayn Rand Center for Individuals Rights, and others help sponsor and promote the event through networking and emails with Fox News opinion and talk show providing incentive and enthusiasm, along with the Tea Party Express speakers and entertainers.  Largely grassroots moms & pops, many of whom never held a sign nor public engaged in defense of freedoms, arrived by plane, train, car and bus (over 450 buses) which accumulated to a mass that surprised the capitol police and overwhelmed assigned gathering areas.  Most arrived at Freedom Plaza, roughly one mile from the Capitol building down Pennsylvania Ave where the march was to start.  Due to ‘containment’ problems, the march started early and many were detoured into side streets for rerouting to the Capitol, compounding a head count, which partly explains  various numbers from the absurd handful to a sky-high two million. However, one picture is worth 1.2 million words.  “The line of protesters clogged several blocks near the capitol, according to the D.C. Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency.”

 Online websites are prevalent on deciphering the attendance.

 The Administration offered the following:  “I don’t know who the group is,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters with a shrug.”

And White House senior adviser claimed “I don’t think it’s indicative of the nation’s mood,” Axelrod said on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “You know, I don’t think we ought to be distracted by that. My message to them is, they’re wrong.”

 While it is shameful the administration went into denial, then criticism,  perhaps the largest grassroots protest movement made their voices heard, despite those on Capitol Hill who remain tone-deaf.  Axelrod’s contention that this peaceful assembly is ‘wrong’ simply reinforces the demonstrators’ conviction of unrepresented representatives with beltway blindness.  Added to this insult, the populists have been broad-brushed with being right-wing extremists, domestic terrorists, radicals, and racists with former President Carter a self-proclaimed accuser that the majority of the hate stems from Obama’s blackness; a disappointing race card charge the administration denies.


 Regular media offered its token disproportional presence compared with extensive coverage of lesser attended events.  For a scorecard of behavior, check out

C-Span covered much of the event

The NY.Times has it’s own slideshow  

Lowly rated MSNBC tried to be fair despite chronic inquiries to it’s reporter questioning if anything had gone wrong.

About 15 Colonial dressed individuals and drum & fife led the march.  Police reported no arrests and no violence.

Dozens of tea parties took place simultaneously across the nation while others gathered for the live stream in hotels for Glenn Beck coverage on Fox.

While this may be the mother of all Tea Parties, it may pale in comparison to next year. 

 Patriot Paul

Patriot Paul goes to Washington

Patriot Paul goes to Washington

Patriots fighting for our liberties

Patriots fighting for our liberties

This is the best Washington has looked in a long time!

This is the best Washington has looked in a long time!

Kiwanis Sympathetic to Bill Ayers?

By: Jeff Petersen

Last night I attended a protest at Purdue University brought on by the presence of Bill Ayers.  It was very successful as those of us protesting outnumbered those who listened to the unrepentant terrorist by a margin of 3 to 1.  This is a man who hates what the United States stands for in the most fundamental way.  He is a cop killer.  He now has turned his efforts towards what he sees as the surest way of “reforming America” and that is through the indoctrination of our youth.  He considers himself an “educator”.  Along these lines he was invited as a speaker at a Kiwanis event.

 There were hundreds of phone calls made to the Kiwanis HQ about not allowing this killer to speak.  All were told that Ayers would be allowed to exercise his First Amendment Right.  If you find this as repulsive as I do I am asking that you direct others to this article AND to NOT BUY ANY KIWANIS Peanuts.  This is their big fundraising weekend.  Let them know that the youth of America has no business associating itself with Ayers or his doctrine.

Speaking in Elgin IL at Kiwanis

Speaking in Elgin IL at Kiwanis

Who writes the bills? Who is the Apollo Alliance? A high school student asks Congressman Steve Buyer – if HR 3200 passes, and salaries for physicians are capped, what motivation does he have to enter med school?

More questions:

Part 5:

Part 6 (SCHIP):

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

I, David William Hedrick, a member of the silent majority, decided that I was not going to be silent anymore. So, I let U.S. Congressman Brian Baird have it. I was one questioner out of 38, that was called at random from an audience that started at 3,000 earlier in the evening. Not expecting to be called on, I quickly scratched what I wanted to say on a borrowed piece of paper and with a pen that I borrowed from someone else in the audience minutes before I spoke. So much for the planned talking points of the right wing conspiracy.