Who writes the bills? Who is the Apollo Alliance? A high school student asks Congressman Steve Buyer – if HR 3200 passes, and salaries for physicians are capped, what motivation does he have to enter med school?


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August 20, 2009

Senator Bayh,

After reading the attached letter to you from a fellow Hoosier (Whom I have never met), I need to remind you how I feel as well regarding H.R. 3200 “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act” and any similar bill.  My wife and I have written and called Rep Peter Visclosky, Senator Lugar and your self on various topics during 2008 and 2009.  We have received responses from your office and appreciate them.  Since you represent us, we need to understand what you stand for and what you are doing in Washington.

Concern is growing daily over the direction our current President and Congress are taking us.

As a CPA, I believe in small, medium and large business based on my experiences.  Businesses have adjusted extremely quickly to the recession during the last 9 months.  We have cut cost in order to be able to service our customers, pay our vendors and employ as many people as we can considering the current environment.  We are making these changes so that we can return to creating wealth which can be used to reinvest back into our people and communities.  Those that have not been able to adjust because their business models completely broke down have the Bankruptcy System to re-employ the remaining assets into new productive structures.  It would take years for the US Government to adjust operations/spending the way that American Businesses have already been able to. 

My experience also tells me that the smaller businesses can adjust much more quickly than the very large ones.  That is why growing the US Federal Government with Deficit Spending and unavoidable Increased Taxes is UNACCEPTABLE.  Like AIG and GM etc, the US Government is also not TOO BIG TO FAIL.  Like the US Taxpayer Bailouts of AIG and GM only the US Tax Payer will be able to save the US Government causing extreme pain to those Tax Payers.

I say all this to say that the average tax paying Hoosier is against Government Run Health Care in whatever form or language Congress uses.  The larger the US Government grows the less freedom individual Americans have.  The Doctor expressed this very well.

We ask you to vote against any form of Government Run Health Care and any form of Health Care Reform that increases deficits or raises taxes.

Most importantly, whether you vote for or against Government Run Health Care doesn’t really matter.  What matters is if Government Run Health Care passes.  If it passes than you did not do enough to stop it!  Our only alternative than will be to vote you out of office and replace you with someone who represents us.  My family is prepared to spend our time and resources to see that we are represented in Congress now and in the future. 

No we are not a large special interest, we are Americans!  Our individual voice is small but we have remembered how to use it, and there are many of us.  Please hear us and act on our behalf.


Daniel  XXX, CPA

Hoosier Tax Payer and Voter

Part of the Mob…. What a laugh…


 July 27th, 2009

  Senator Bayh,

  I urge you to oppose H.R. 3200 “America’s Affordable Health Choices Act” and any similar bill.  As a Hoosier physician I know that we have a crisis in health care.  The cause of our current crisis, however, is massive government regulation of the health insurance, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.

 Having read a few hundred of the 1,018 pages of H.R. 3200, I’m convinced it would destroy the remnants of freedom in our medical and health insurance system.  I oppose it on moral grounds because it restricts our freedoms and violates the rights of taxpayers, doctors, patients, insurers, drug companies and medical device manufacturers.  I agree with many Hoosiers that it will be an ineffective, excessively costly, bureaucratic mess.  These however, are trivial side issues compared to the moral issue:  we each have a moral right to our life, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness.  This bill violates our rights and represents the moral premise of communism–that we are our brother’s keeper.

 After writing you about TARP, the bailouts and the stimulus package, I received form letters, which indicated clearly to me that my concerns were not heard.  I want you to understand that I intend to speak far and wide about this issue and that Hoosiers are paying attention.


Michael Garrett, M.D.

Fishers, Indiana