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This is something that many people don’t understand. In one way, it should work this way — the higher the tax rate, the more revenue you take in — but it doesn’t. The Laffer Curve is the visual reason why; but the explanation is also quite simple: the more you tax, the more people hide their money; the more you tax, the more they move themselves and/or their money; the more you tax, the less incentive people have to earn money; the more you tax, the less there is to spend; the less there is to spend, the slower the economy goes; the slower the economy goes, the less revenue comes in.

One of the series of books I read through and greatly enjoyed was the Nero Wolfe mystery series, written by Rex Stout (and a few years ago, also made into a series of A&E TV shows). The books were set contemporary to when they were written, with the first one being published in the 30s, I think, and going all the way through the 70s. A recurring motif in several of the earlier ones (probably those written in the 40s and 50s), was the oppressive income tax, and how it squelched the brilliant detective’s desire to take on a case. When the novels were set in late November or early December, it was frequently noted that Wolfe would turn down cases because he was at or near a certain income, and if he earned any more, he would be taxed at a rate of 90% for it, so he figured that 10% of whatever fee simply wasn’t worth it. And that’s true — would you want to do the same amount of work and actually get to keep only 10% of your gross? It’s ridiculous! It’s time to trim the federal budget, so that we can keep more of our money. We are




Remember that famous quote from John F. Kennedy in his inaugural address? That famous line, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country,” has been repeated by many different people over the past 48 years in a variety of contexts and for a variety of purposes. But it seems that we have forgotten it, and are only asking what our country or our government can do for us.

During this past election cycle, I got in a conversation with someone who was planning on voting for Obama and basically an entire Democrat and/or liberal ticket. She asked me why I was going to vote Republican, because “what have the Republicans ever given you?” I’ve thought about that question a lot in the past several months, and found it to give insight into the reason why government is so big, why they take so much from us in taxes, and why they are elected into office again and again, despite their massive failures. [Massive failures? Yes! Pres. Johnson declared “War on Poverty” in the 60s, and it’s only gotten worse. Yet we continue to throw good money after bad, in the apparent insane hopes that maybe this time history won’t repeat itself. And that’s just one example.]

This woman didn’t realize it, but she was selling her vote to the highest bidder — to whomever was able to convince her that s/he was going to give her the most. In one way, that’s not too different from what everyone does — everyone votes for the person that s/he thinks is the best. The difference comes in the way someone determines who will be the best candidate for the job. It’s an easy thing to vote for someone who promises you to “give” you what you want (even if, like so many campaign promises, the promise is forgotten the day after the election). It’s much harder — requires more discipline, more maturity, more circumspection, more thought — to vote for someone who does not promise you the moon.

But it is important to remember, that “the government” cannot give unless it first takes. They take our money in the form of taxes, then they take a percentage of our money off the top for bureaucracy, then they give us back a smaller portion of our money in the form of “benefits” and services. Some taxation is necessary, and some benefits and services are needful; but it’s time to say enough already!!!

We have to step up and let our voice be heard. A reader named Craig sent the link to this news story about various Representatives and Senators going apoplectic about proposed budget cuts, because the cuts were going to affect their districts. One of the items was a Presidential helicopter that Obama says is not necessary. Although $800,000,000 is a drop in the bucket, compared to the monstrosity of the “stimulus” package, it is still eight hundred million dollars of your money and my money that will be spent unnecessarily unless it is ultimately cut. And it will be spent because people voted, not for what they could do for their country, but what their country could do for them. Unfortunately, that comes at a very steep price, because as I said before, the government cannot give anything that it does not first take away.

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Earlier, Chuck gave his perspective on the TEA Party he helped organize [in seven days] in Ripley, Mississippi. Here is the video of the rally, with speaker Les Riley.

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Last November as I watch the news of “bailouts”, big spending and out of control congress, I could see our great country of great heritage to be turning a 180. Then I seen that I was not alone in the righteous anger I felt. I heard about the tea party idea and said to myself, this is something that I can do to help our voice be heard. I contacted our local tea party website to see what I could to help. So for ten days I left flyers anywhere they would let me, (church, gas stations, my own customers) As a result along with many others you see what happened. What a turn out! A special thanks should be given to the families that helped organize this great effort.
As I began to make my way to downtown Indy, I could see the people walking with their signs and banners making there way to gather on the statehouse lawn. What a sight to see, at 3pm there were already hundreds. A sense of hope started to stir within me seeing all these Americans standing up to be heard. As time went on more and more people began to flood in to express there outrage with the issue at hand. By 4:30 the number was in the thousands. I was sitting on the steps of the statehouse and what I seen was the real number of Hoosiers (10-12 thousand not 2-3). So we won’t listen to the disgraceful media that has no understanding of what is really going on (I’m sure the Bible calls this type “willingly ignorant”)
I title this Generations because as I sat there that day, with me was my father, two of my brothers, my nephew and my own son. I look at my father who was born in 1930. His life started in the depression, so you can understand what all he has seen in his long life. At eighteen he started at General Motors working in hot box cars loading scrap metal. He soon started as an apprentice and then made his way to a tool & die making career. After 38 years. Through much hard work he became general die maker supervisor. Then after retirement they called him back to do overseas consulting. So to see how this Government and Unions are ruining this great company, the one that supported my family for all those years is very troubling. Through all this he and mom raised six boys(sorry Mom!). I hope that with all that is going on he does not have to end his life in a depression.
Then I look at my son and think of my daughter, what will all this mean for them? He’s 13 and a bright boy. If we do not stop this out of control Government, what future will they have? What debt will they have? Will they enjoy the same freedoms and opportunities that we do? What I do know is that we CAN stand today! We can teach our children the truth!
Then I look at myself. Am I going to stand and watch or am I going to do something more. Well I am. I have made it a point to get educated, read, learn the founding principle that our fathers learned and get involved . I recommend anyone to read the 5000 year leap, I didn’t even make it to the introduction and realized how backwards our country is compared to its founding. I would ask the same from anyone who reads this to do that which is needed!!
So as I sat there that day on the steps I looked over the crowd that was gathered and had such hope and inspiration given to me from all of those who took a stand that day, from the great prayer that was given, to the great speakers and of course Thomas Paine. LET US BE THE SILENT MAJORITY NO MORE. We have sat back and watched for far to long, so you can see where it has gotten us.
So out with P.C. and in with COMMON SENSE. As three generations sat on those steps that day, I seen the past, the present and the future. A past which taught us much good, a present that gives me hope and inspiration and a future that is questionable if we do nothing. Please consider what is at stake and do the right thing. There is only one true hope for this country, it is from above. Pray for our nation as our founders did, Pray for our leaders and pray that we will be better a people through our Great and Mighty GOD. He is our only True Savior.
See you in Washington,
The Wilson’s

The government has gotten too much control away from the people — we are fast becoming an oligarchy and we don’t even know it. When they speak of right-wing groups being dangerous because we want states’ rights, they may be correct. But it is not because we are wrong, but because we are right. The only thing that has kept the federal government at bay this long is that our states were more independent. Now, our states’ rights are being eroded on a daily basis, and no one seems to be noticing or caring — and the people who do care are now being labeled dangerous conspirators. We are not dangerous to the government created and restrained by the Constitution, but rather to the government that has thrown off the restraints of the Constitution, which serve to keep us a free people — free not from outside enemies, but from inside enemies, and from the government itself.

We have forgotten the famous (and truthful) quotes of past leaders — “That government is best which governs least”; “America is great because she is good. When America ceases to be good, she will cease to be great”; “Power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” We are fast heading towards a government with absolute power, and it is guaranteed to be absolutely corrupt. May God have mercy on this country.

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I am a worrier. I have always been and probably always will be a worrier. I worry about EVERYTHING. It is my nature. Some may consider this as negative, I consider it a gift, for it is those that do not worry, that do not see what has slowly been happening to our country. I have been concerned about our nation since Nixon resigned. I was only a pre teen at the time, but I knew it was huge. I actually paid attention to what Carter was doing and I think I was the only kid at my school who let out an agonizing scream when I heard we were just giving away the Panama Canal.

On the night of April 14th, 2009, I could not sleep, I was sooooo nervous and excited about the coming events. In my mind I saw everything from a huge turnout to a half a dozen people, including the volunteers and speakers. I pictured everything that could possibly go wrong and everything that could possibly go right. Unlike most of my fellow patriots, this was not my first rodeo. Pictures of past rallies and protests flashed before my eyes. The latest homeland security report referring to us as domestic terrorists played over and over in my imagination, i fought off the moments of panic. My mind was spinning out of control, finally, about 3am exhaustion overcame my busy mind.

When I woke on the morning of the big day, I hurried to dress and be on my way. I couldn’t eat, the nerves were still in the pit of my tummy. I raced out the door and took about two steps before I turned back. I couldn’t go like this, my patriotic tee shirt was just not going to be warm enough….emergency wardrobe change. I put on my warmest sweater, which was about as far from patriotic looking as possible and grabbed a waterproof jacket. I was hoping that this was not a sign of things to come.

Things began to look up as I made the drive to the rendezvous point where I was to meet Lori who had agreed to give me a ride so that I did not end up at the Chicago party by accident. I only got lost twice, WOW, things were looking up big time. I arrived a half hour early, ( I had given myself plenty of time to get lost, I have a lousy sense of direction) and pumped myself up with patriotic music while I waited. I was getting all tingly inside, for a moment, there was no doubt about the success of our party.

We arrived about 9:30. I was amazed to see the number of people who were already there, working hard to set things up. Lori began setting up the Medical tent and I located the security leader, Jeff. I had volunteered to be the token female officer. There I was, a middle aged woman surrounded by a bunch of great looking men, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Then we were handed our assignments, with trembling hands I adjusted my bi-focals and looked at my position. I was given section “E”, the streets. I paused for a moment and wondered if it was merely coincidence that the ONLY WOMAN was assigned a street walking position? hmmm

When we dispersed, I headed down to check out my “territory” that is when I discovered what my real job was, my territory included the dreaded but needed porta potties!!! Yes, I was sent down to guard the loo!!!

I then returned up front to help my fellow patriots set up. In my mind, I was 20 again, I joyfully pitched in to show that I could work as hard as any of the guys hauling up boxes of books, setting up canopies, and any other manual job that needed done. It was at this point my body began to whisper the truth in my ear, I was no longer 20 or 30 or 40 for that matter. I did not let a little thing like being middle aged and out of shape stop me, I forged ahead, ignoring every complaint my muscles made.

By noon, I was regretting not eating breakfast, I was starving. Then it happened, at first I thought it was a hallucination caused by my hunger, but it was real!!! A young man came by with a cooler full of fresh hot Chic Fillet sandwiches just for me! (OK, the rest of the volunteers too). Then to make things even better, they handed me a bag of chips and a BROWNIE, you heard that right, CHOCOLATE!!!! Oh the pleasure!!! Once again I was super woman. I tore into the best tasting sandwich of my life and raced to the medical tent. No, I was not sick, but that is where I had left my drink.

By now it was 12:30 and I noticed that while I had been taking care of my needs, people were already beginning to arrive. By the time we had our 1:30 security meeting where we were given our radios I knew that my fun and games time was over. I would say we already had at least 200 guests at that point. I decided it was time to begin my career as a streetwalker. While there I spoke with an older gentleman who said he was a disabled Korean War vet and was sick about the direction this country was going. I spent probably a half an hour speaking with him and felt he was genuine. You will hear more about him later.

By 2:30 I finally decided I had no choice but to check out the interior of one of the porta potties. I stopped in amazement when I opened the door and turned to the grounds, at least a thousand people had miraculously appeared in the few moments I was detained. I double checked the time, it was only 2:33. By 3:30 the view from my corner was obstructed by a sea of red white and blue. Pride swelled up inside at the site of the rapidly growing crowd, there were old people, young people, white people, black people, tall people, short people, people in wheel chairs, skinny people, cuddly people, well dressed people and yes, those who you could tell shopped at wal mart and the second hand stores. All, regardless of where they came from, were joining as one people, Americans.

Then it happened, the band started playing. By the time they played Neil Diamonds “America” I knew I had a problem. Here I was, I supposed to be security and tough enough to handle any situation, standing on a corner, next to the loo, crying. Yup, I was doing well. I tried to control the tears, but the pride and love for my country kept the tears flowing. After wrestling with my emotions, I managed once again to appear to be professional. This lasted until the second note in “the Star Spangled Banner”. Then Niagara falls began again.

My job was boring for the most part, THANK GOD. Two people who were unaware of the “no stick” rule had to be sent over to the atta boy stick removal van, but other than that, things were going well. The crowd was so thick, no matter what I did, I could not see the stage, or anything close to it, so I gave up trying and just walked up and down my section. That is when a character caught my eye. He looked like the carny in the “Wizard Of Oz”. Complete with gold colored turban. In his left hand he held a full headed mask on a stick. I went closer to investigate the situation. Then I stopped dead in my tracks. This spectacle was no one else but the kindly, patriotic sounding, Korean vet that I had spoken to at length earlier. I asked what he was doing, he just looked at me and said “things can change on a dime” and “you just never know a person by what they appear to be”. He was not causing a disturbance, and was staying on the sidewalk, so we just left him alone. Yet I will carry his lesson with me for a long time. We need to be careful because the people around us may not be what they appear to be.

I did my best to listen to the speakers, the radio, and watch my area. Right before the keynote speaker, the wonderful “Thomas Paine” portrayed by Dr. Basso, a small group with a blow horn began walking our perimeter. They were distracting the people in back from being able to hear the speaker. We were told by State Police that there was NOTHING we could do about this situation. THIS GROUP OF PEOPLE WERE NOT PART OF OUR GROUP!!!! By their own admission they did not support what we were doing. They were yelling rhetoric about how it is too late and calling people to arms. THIS WAS NOT AND IS NOT OUR MESSAGE!!! They angered me so greatly that I forgot about all of the previously whispering muscles who had been yelling at me for the past hour.

When the event was over, people left in a cheery, upbeat, determined to win, and orderly fashion. I had volunteered to help with cleaning up the trash on the lawn, this took about two minutes. The only trash found anywhere on the grounds was one gum wrapper, one discarded sign, and three cigarette butts. That was it. NOT A SINGLE PIECE OF OUR LITERATURE WAS TOSSED ON THE GROUNDS!!! It was then that I made a horrible discovery. I am old. Without the adrenaline keeping me standing, my muscles were threatening failure. I hurt in places I was not even aware that I had.

I was in great physical pain as I limped over to the after party gathering where we were given pizza and nachos. It was worth every ounce of discomfort my body was giving me. Listening to Dr. Basso talk about where we should go from here inspired me in a way that I can not recall ever feeling inspired before. I was a sponge soaking up the wisdom he was sharing with us. I can honestly say that this was a life changing experience for me. Just recalling our party is once again causing my eyes to blur with patriotic pride. The coming months and perhaps years will not be easy, but for once I am not worried, at the end of the day we WILL GET OUR CONSTITUTION BACK.

This was a wonderful event with well over 10,000 AMERICANS joining as one. I will never forget it. A special thanks to Richard and Laura Behney for all they have done. Until next time


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