This is something that many people don’t understand. In one way, it should work this way — the higher the tax rate, the more revenue you take in — but it doesn’t. The Laffer Curve is the visual reason why; but the explanation is also quite simple: the more you tax, the more people hide their money; the more you tax, the more they move themselves and/or their money; the more you tax, the less incentive people have to earn money; the more you tax, the less there is to spend; the less there is to spend, the slower the economy goes; the slower the economy goes, the less revenue comes in.

One of the series of books I read through and greatly enjoyed was the Nero Wolfe mystery series, written by Rex Stout (and a few years ago, also made into a series of A&E TV shows). The books were set contemporary to when they were written, with the first one being published in the 30s, I think, and going all the way through the 70s. A recurring motif in several of the earlier ones (probably those written in the 40s and 50s), was the oppressive income tax, and how it squelched the brilliant detective’s desire to take on a case. When the novels were set in late November or early December, it was frequently noted that Wolfe would turn down cases because he was at or near a certain income, and if he earned any more, he would be taxed at a rate of 90% for it, so he figured that 10% of whatever fee simply wasn’t worth it. And that’s true — would you want to do the same amount of work and actually get to keep only 10% of your gross? It’s ridiculous! It’s time to trim the federal budget, so that we can keep more of our money. We are





Earlier, Chuck gave his perspective on the TEA Party he helped organize [in seven days] in Ripley, Mississippi. Here is the video of the rally, with speaker Les Riley.

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I guess this is my TEA Party story:

I am a pretty common person that was raised in a common house in a common small town in central Indiana. My parents weren’t wealthy but we always ate well. We farmed and had a garden there was nothing really special about the way I was raised. At least that was what I thought until recently.
I realized that my parents were uncommonly patriotic. I remember growing up the threat of the Soviet Union and the concern that many had for them. My parents were part of a group called the John Birch Society. It really didn’t mean that much to me and my best friend and I joked about it after I was grown. I remember having a club house and in it was a picture of Ronald Reagan. My mom snuck in one day to check on what my best friend and I were up to. Later she told me she had and she told me that she was proud of me. Even at a young age I knew there was something special about him; I didn’t realize how special he was until much later.
I owe an incredible debt to my parents. They taught me to stand up for what I believe in. They taught me to speak up and stand up for those who relied on me. My father was in the pacific theater during WW2. He never regretted it and is proud to have served his country. I never was much of an outspoken person politically but the events that have unfolded in the past few months have rekindled a fire in me that my parents put there so many years ago. I hope I can do the same for my boys.
I was proud that my first “protest” was to bring back responsibility to Washington. I was extremely moved by the whole event. I will admit that all the way to the State House I was in prayer that it would not be a failure. I kept thinking of all those that I knew wanted to be there but couldn’t for one reason or another. God does answer prayer and he answers it in a big way. When I arrived about there were a few hundred people there by the time I walked across the front of the lawn and started back it looked like a few thousand within a few minutes the place was packed. My wife, her best friend, my three boys and I stood together and listened (well the boys 2, 4 and 7 ran around like maniacs and my wife corralled). When the Star Spangled Banner was sung goose bumps rose on my arms. That was nothing new that happens every time I hear it. I was proud of those who had come out to say, ‘we have had enough.’ The group there wasn’t the protest crowd they were the go to work, God fearing, raise my family and help my neighbor’s crowd. As I looked around I thought what have the politicians done to get this crowd up and going.
I hope we always remember and teach our kids that even if things are going well we cannot sit idly by and watch. That is how we got here. We need to stay on top of all the issues. We need to help send congressmen home frequently so they remember why they are there. We need to act like the owners of this country that we are. We The People can no longer afford to be silent.
Just a common American,
Robert A Baugh

The government has gotten too much control away from the people — we are fast becoming an oligarchy and we don’t even know it. When they speak of right-wing groups being dangerous because we want states’ rights, they may be correct. But it is not because we are wrong, but because we are right. The only thing that has kept the federal government at bay this long is that our states were more independent. Now, our states’ rights are being eroded on a daily basis, and no one seems to be noticing or caring — and the people who do care are now being labeled dangerous conspirators. We are not dangerous to the government created and restrained by the Constitution, but rather to the government that has thrown off the restraints of the Constitution, which serve to keep us a free people — free not from outside enemies, but from inside enemies, and from the government itself.

We have forgotten the famous (and truthful) quotes of past leaders — “That government is best which governs least”; “America is great because she is good. When America ceases to be good, she will cease to be great”; “Power corrupts; and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” We are fast heading towards a government with absolute power, and it is guaranteed to be absolutely corrupt. May God have mercy on this country.

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feel free.

You know, Jeff, as I write this, I am embarrassed. When Laura and Richard had their first meeting, I made some pretty lame assumptions. I “volunteered” to be responsible to take care of the technical aspects of the rally, including the music and public address system. I was thinking small, no frills, and I silently disagreed with Laura when she “wanted a band” for the rally. “Sure,” I said. “I doubt that 250 people show up” I didn’t want to spend Laura and Richard’s money for something over the top like that.

I got some quotes from my fellow committee members and sent them up the line.

Richard calls me the next day and we talk. It seems that they had already decided to go MUCH further than my paltry vision. They were talking about ten times the expense for AV. Over the top, I said. But… Richard was excited. I hoped he didn’t end up disappointed.

I brought two of my daughters and picked up a like minded friend and came downtown. We discussed the 250 number, hoping for the best. What I saw was absolutely unbelievable. I came early and saw at LEAST a thousand people already assembled. After I finally found parking, i walked a few blocks and discovered that the thousand had grown considerably in just a few minutes. The Wright Brothers Band was playing! How in the world???!

My friend and my daughters had a vantage point just east of the stairs, they could not see the stage, but could watch the people come up and saw many elected officials, Representative Dan Burton, and others. I talked to a LOT of people.

My apologies, and I’m glad my lack of vision didn’t damage anything.

But from NOW ON, I pledge my effort, my honor, my money, and my TIME.

I listened to all of the speakers. I am on board now. I’ve been through the ICaucus training program.

I’m embarrassed, but now I understand. This is bigger than any of us. We will take our country back. It will be a long process, but it will happen

And it starts now.

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Next Steps….

It seems like in the past few days there are a tremendous amount of posts about where do we go after April 15th. April 15th will be a day where hundreds of thousands of protestors will unite against:

The bailouts/stimulus packages that were passed
Wasteful Spending
Higher Taxes that are coming and are already here
Unconstitutional Laws being passed

There are probably other things that many people are concerned about. I would like to hear from you about what your ideas are for POST April 15th. My idea is that we organize a 3 day march on Washington DC next summer… not on a Holiday but in the middle of a working week. The other idea is that we boot some incumbent politicians both Dems and Republicans in the primaries and instead elect some grassroots candidates.

Let me hear your ideas.