Who writes the bills? Who is the Apollo Alliance? A high school student asks Congressman Steve Buyer – if HR 3200 passes, and salaries for physicians are capped, what motivation does he have to enter med school?


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The following was submitted by one of the members tyof the Indy Tea Party.  Please visit their website at http://www.inteaparty.com/ .  They have a place to donate and/or purchase merchandise.  If you have a story of your own you would like published to my blog please submit it to me at jspetersen23@gmail.com …. Enjoy!

Hi Patriots,

 Always the optimist, Saturday morning July 4th, I filled thermoses with ice water and ice tea for the INdependence Day Tea Party. We planned for a day of sun, heat and humidity typical of an Indiana July 4th.  As the volunteer in charge of the Medical Response Team, I had planned for weeks for every possible medical emergency.  I had already packed the first aid kits and other supplies we might need the night before.  My husband had borrowed a tent from his employer for the event and had the first aid tent, the “patient” cot, and chairs in the car as well.  I prayed that we would not have rain despite the forecasts on the news and the increasingly dismal sky.  Mostly I prayed for a huge turn out to the event that many of us on the leadership team had prepared for since the minute after the 4/15 Tea Party was over.  I prayed that a great many would be determined to stand with us against what is happening in our government now and would attend despite the weather forecasts.

 As we drove downtown the drizzle started. By the time we parked and began to unload the supplies from our car it was clearly raining.  We checked in with the rest of the team, already setting up tents and supplies, and then my husband and I set up the first aid tent, cot and chairs.  It was a challenge to keep things dry in the 10’x10′ tent.  The blanket as well as the first aid kits had to be kept in bags to keep from being soaked.  Once the first aid tent was set up it was time for the meeting of all volunteers at 1pm.  Everyone was already soaked to the skin from the rain but we were all excited that all the months of preparation were coming together.  Richard and Laura, the eternal optimists, gave us a pep talk and last minute instructions then we all gathered for a lunch before returning to our tasks made ever more challenging by the constant rain. Umbrellas were useless as most things that needed done, needed done with two hands.

 Back at the first aid tent we were finishing preparations when a man wearing a USMC hat stepped up to me and said “Here, I thought you could use this.” He handed me a sturdy plastic, waterproof, tub the size of a shoebox.  I opened the tub and found it filled with neatly sorted sterile gauze pads and bandages.  I asked him if he wanted it back after the event and he said “No, keep it.”  After I said “Thank you!!!”  The Marine quietly walked off.  I had purchased first aid kits but if we didn’t have to open them they could be returned to the store and the money donated back to the IN Tea Party to help pay off the debt for the event. (I hope that Marine is reading this now because I wanted him to know that his supplies were used for an attendee’s eye injury shortly after the event started.  I used sterile gauze from the Marine’s box and didn’t have to open the kits from the store. Because of that we have $50 that can help pay for the event.)

 I thought I would faint when the State Police officer assigned to our event stepped into the tent and told us that they had arranged for AED’s to be available to us if needed.  I had asked him earlier if he carried one in his State Police car and when he said “no” I thought “well, I expected we wouldn’t have one available so this is not a huge set back”. Clearly the rain was going to discourage about anyone from attending so chances were slim we would need an AED anyway.  Now we would have access to an AED after all!  The team was given the number to call if we needed the AED. We were now as prepared as we possibly could be.  Our Medical Response team was comprised of Dr Blank (the ER doc who spoke) and 4 other R.N.’s Wes, Kesa, Julie, and Dot, all volunteers.

 As the event was nearing its start the Committee volunteers met once more about 4:30pm to discuss the last minute changes brought about by the ceaseless rain.  Silent questions about whether the Wright Bros. would be able to perform at all were met with the obvious answer given by the rain.  We looked about the soggy grounds and saw that there were very few people gathered besides the volunteers and the event was due to start in less than a half an hour.  We all remembered how people arrived for the Tax Day Tea Party hours before the event and now only a handful of people stood in the rain waiting for the show.  We had a prayer lead by one of the event speakers.  It was a great prayer but honestly, my spirits were getting lower by the minute and I personally had trouble mustering the same optimism as the Behney’s and other volunteers.  Once the prayer and meeting ended we all scurried back to our assigned places to greet the people we still hoped would come to the event…

 I returned to the first aid tent.  I felt I needed to remain there even though Kesa another volunteer R.N. was there.  I really wanted to attend the March from Monument Circle but I felt my first responsibility as leader of the Medical Response Team was to remain at the tent as much as possible.  A phone call came in to one of the volunteers nearby and the message was relayed to us…there were a couple hundred people assembled at the Monument for the march!  I thought well at least we’ll have a couple hundred people attend but in reality that news didn’t do much to lift my damp spirits. We’d hoped for thousands of people, a couple hundred didn’t compare. The committee members had been working 3 months, so very hard, to make this day a huge success only to see it washed down the drain with the rain that was coming down harder and harder as the time of the event approached.  About 5pm I began to hear the distant beats of the drum from the march.  It pulled me from my post in the first aid tent toward the part of the park where they would arrive.  Even though I was already soaked from the rain, as I left shelter of the tent, I began to feel even soggier and now cold too.  My mind thought back to all the sacrifices I had made to help with planning this event, time not spent with my husband and granddaughter, time not spent on my business, time not spent just to relax.  I thought of all the things that had not gotten done while I focused every shred of time I could on the Tea Party events.  I thought about how I would rather be at home now, warm and dry, maybe catching up on some sleep on the sofa…   Then, the beats of the drum got louder and I looked up to see the front rows of marchers coming toward me.  I began to cheer them on, I figured it was the least I could do since they had come out in the rain to participate in our event.  Then the first row of marchers turned the corner and behind them…more marchers!  I put my hand to my mouth in amazement, now too stunned to chant or cheer.  People really did care enough about this cause to march in a downpour!  But then the marchers just kept coming and as they turned the corner they revealed more marchers.  I felt like an idiot, here I was the Medical Response Team leader, wearing a Committee Leader security badge and I was crying.  Crying tears of JOY!  All the hours were NOT wasted!  People really did still care about the Tea Party movement!  They cared so much that they were not going to let the rain wash away their determination!  I started shouting “We’ve had enough!”  with the marchers while tears ran down my face. Like the others have written…the emotion was OVERWHELMING!

 To any of you who attended, I want to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your determination and your PRESENCE at the INdependence Day Tea Party.  Every single one of you made every sacrifice we committee members make worth it!  I think I can safely speak for all the volunteers when I say that.  Your presence among MANY hundreds of others standing, resolute, in pouring rain CAN NOT be ignored by the media or more importantly our elected officials!  It is my hope and prayers that you will continue to make your voices heard and your presence seen as we go forward with future events including the flash rally this Wednesday at the GOP fundraiser.  We cannot relent!  We WILL NOT relent!

  Humbly submitted,


 P.S.  We had only one other “patient” in the First Aid Tent and he only required 2 antiseptic wipes and 2 band aids.  A safe event was a big bonus!

Healthcare Take Over.. It’s the Ideology Stupid

By: Jeff Petersen

Today many around the nation are rallying together to make their voices heard in opposition to the idea of Uncle Sam taking over the health care industry. I know that many do not like to call it a take over but that is exactly what it is. The liberal left hates the idea of individual choice unless it deals with women killing their unborn babies. The liberal left loves bureaucracy. The liberal left hates freedom. The voices that are rising up today are not those of the liberal left but of working (well some may be out of a job at the moment) Americans who hold to the idea that our Constitution does not support the government taking over any part of the private sector; not the auto industry, and certainly not health care.

From 1200EST-1:00PM EST, grassroots movements around the country will be protesting at government offices across the nation. The Tea Party Patriots are one of these groups. The truth of the matter is that everyone who reads this article (maybe it will only reach 300 people) should make an effort to keep this “reform” from happening. So if you were unable (like I am) to make it to one of the protests, then call the Senators and the Representative that represent you. You can find their contact information by clicking the link contact your representative right here on my blog.

In doing some research I found that the House version of this bill actually has a provision in it that will allow community organizations (read ACORN) to survey you based on your weight, your lifestyle, and your need for health care! My dear readers, this is yet another power grab by a hungry group of statists and progressives who truly believe that Big Brother can run your life better than you can. The liberal left wants to control your healthcare; this same liberal left is in full support of allowing women to kill their unborn babies on demand and is often found on the side of supporting euthanasia. Do you want this type of person making life and DEATH decisions for you? Remember that the socialist/communist mantra is based on the good of the community not the individual. If these are the people who run healthcare you would do well to never get sick and to stay productive (helping the community).

This legislation is also very expensive. I will not address the idea that healthcare is a right in this particular article. The bill that passed the House does not even satisfy the goal of insuring every American. What will happen is we will spend the money of working men and women to the tune of at least 1.5 trillion dollars. 1,500,000,000,000 dollars.  How is spending 1.5 trillion dollars going to save people money?  If taxes must be raised to pay for this behemoth legislation how is that saving people money?  Then there is the fear that 1.5 trillion is actually what it will cost or if the bureaucracy, that is sure to rise out of this system, doesn’t drive the costs higher. That is what happened with Medicare. I am sure history won’t repeat itself.

Another thing to consider is how invasive this new legislation will be. This bill is more about ideology than it is about practicality. It is about taking away choices away from individuals and giving them to a bureaucrat. It will no longer be a question about what your doctor thinks, or even what you think. Uncle Sam will decide if you really need to have that lump looked at. You are fooling yourself if you don’t think an Excel spreadsheet will be used to figure out if you are worthy of healthcare… put age into cell A1, weight into cell C44, taxes paid in last FY in cell AA22, political affiliation in cell R1. Presto.. coverage denied.

Lastly, it is about closing down the private sector. This bill, in tandem with Cap and Trade, is designed to repress small businesses and entrepreneurs. I know it is hard to believe but the liberal left is for BIG business. Why? Because BIG business can be manipulated. This bill is a scam. It is meant to drive private insurance companies out of the private sector. It is simply a lie that the progressives do not want to take full control. Of course they do. Though most people are unaware, there is a big push by the left to cease 401ks and replace them with an upgraded social security program. The liberal left and our political elite feel that you, the working men and women of our country, need to be managed. Our founding fathers would roll over in their graves.

This is a fundamental right we have as citizens of the United States. I am calling on you to fight for our country. My children are depending on you. Call, call, fax, fax, email, write, call your Senators… your representative… Let them know.. That you, the American taxpayer, have had ENOUGH.

Hi Jeff,

Here are my thoughts on how and why I got involved.

I am 55 years old, a father of 4 ( 3 girls and a boy between the ages of 34 and 29). I have 9 grandchildren under the age of 6. I have been married twice. The first was for 19 years and she was the mother of my children. The second one did not count( big mistake).Luanne Dahringer and I currently live together in Castleton and have been together for 7 years now. We are truly soul mates.

I grew up in Wisconsin and I am a diehard Green Bay Packer fan ( truly America’s team). I have been in the foundry industry since I was 18 years old. I came down to Indianapolis in 1982 to work for a foundry in Noblesville. I got into sales for them and have been in sales now for 25 years. I have traveled the country and did business all over the world, even built a foundry in Brazil.

I have always voted Republican and have been a conservative. The first day I heard Rush Limbaugh on the radio 20 years ago, I got it. I did not need the normal 6 weeks to understand him. I started to become disenchanted with George Bush 41 over the “read my lips” remark. I did sit out the Bob Dole election.

I was not thrilled with John McCain until Sarah Palin was chosen. I had listened to all the things about Barack, but I was going to vote for McCain anyways. I was sitting one night in a hotel in Harrisburg, Pa. and saw a report about Obama on Sean Hannity’s tv show and said to myself, “this man can’t get elected”. It will destroy my kids and grandkids lives. I made a $100 donation to the Republican Party and called Luanne to tell her what I did and that we needed to get involved. She agreed. When I got home, I went to the Republican Headquarters on Allisonville Rd and got my signs and volunteered for the campaign. I called all my friends, talked to my online friends and talked with my kids and the rest of my family.
Alas, John McCain did not get elected, ( although I don’t think it would have made a difference). But I was still concerned about what was going to happen with Obama’s election. I watch Glenn Beck all the time and he talked about the 9-12 project. Lu and I were part of the group that Richard and Laura Behney assembled in Fishers for Glenn’s 9-12 tv show, and we decided that we wanted to get involved. Since getting involved, I want to do whatever is needed to change the direction that this country is going for my kids and grandkids, even though they may not get the big picture as to what is happening to us.

My motto has always been— the power of positive thinking—- things will change because of our efforts. The Tea Party is just the beginning!

Dave Jankowski

Greetings all,
What an awesome experience it was to engage in the American experience and experiment as a part of the Indianapolis Tea Party – I hazard to say that history was made April 15, 2009 and I was thoroughly encouraged by what I observed. From my vantage point, the American fighting spirit is alive and well! It has been said that you beat 50% of the people by just showing up, another 40% by being a person of integrity, having a good work ethic, etc., but the last 10%, well, that is a dog fight because these are the people that love their country as much as anyone else. I will take that sentiment one step further, because on April 15, 2009, I believe I had a chance to be among the 1% ‘ers nationwide – the 1% that, albeit symbolically, fired the shot that initiated the Second American Revolution.
Since the Indianapolis Tea Party, I have been observing the news – I have noticed those in the public eye (like Janeane Garofalo) who are making statements about how the participants at the Tea Parties didn’t know their history (probably because they hadn’t read her revisionist version of it yet) and that this uprising of the people’s voice was because the protesters did not want a black man in the white house. For some, I am sure this is the case. But I think my questions to those who offer such speculation are as follows: How do you account for those who were there who would have loved to have seen an Alan Keys, a Dr. Walter Williams, or even a Dr. Condoleezza Rice in the executive office? How do you account for those who were there who are black, like myself, who raised their arms and waved their flags and showed their signs in protest? How do you account for people of various political persuasions, be they Republicans, Libertarians, Independents or Democrats, showing up to protest what our government is doing to sink this nation? How do you account for the hundreds of thousands of people who are uniting with one voice, on one day to stand up to a government system that is, by any measure, corrupt, dysfunctional, and is in desperate need of repair? How do you account this event happening all across the nation with no reports of violence – with people petitioning their government peaceably, as is their right guaranteed by the Constitution? How do you, in the arrogance and the audacity of your thought process, fault a people for raising their voice in protest to the legislative and executive branches of our government for passing the largest spending bill in the history of the planet without taking the time to first read what was in the bill?
We, the people, have not been well served by our current government and it is long past time for we, the people, to take back what has been taken from us – that being a government for the people, by the people.
Bryant B.
Westfield, Indiana